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If you have a stomach ache or a headache where do you go to find a solution? To the doctor, or your uncle or any other relative, assuming that none of them are doctors.

If your car has a flat tire, where do you go to find a solution? To the car repair shop, I assume. It sounds pretty obvious that if you have somekind of a problem, it would be a good idea to find an expert in that field to help you solve it.

Now, let's imagine that your goal is to start a business. At this point it doesn't even matter online or offline, maybe you want to start an e-commerce business or a restaurant. Who are you going to reach out to, for help, advice and guidance.

I assume that the best answer would be a person who has achieved success in that particular field, and not your uncle or brother-in-law. But still so many people ask for adivce on such important, potentially life-changing descisions, from their relatives. These people might be close to you, but most of the time they are not the best people to give you advice on these topics.

I think it would be disastrous to ask your brother, who is a truck driver, to help you cure your extreme headache, if you have one. Always better to ask a doctor. The exact same thing applies to starting your own business. Ask for advice from mentors who have been through the same journey.

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