Aspects Of Being Successful – A Combine Effect Of Vision And Strategy

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The aspects of being successful - a combine effect of vision and strategy comes down to abilities that all of us still possess. We had one of these when we were children and at the whim of the years passing by, we have pushed that ability aside, but we all long for something greater.  

Whatever happened to our childhood dreams? Why is it that life did not change for the better? Is there something stopping us from getting what we really want?  

Great Leaders, like Athletes Do Not Give up

You have heard talking about these amazing Olympic athletes who close their eyes before a competition or undertaking, and visualize each of the movements or actions they will need to effectuate during their trial or event.

Leaders are the same way, able to think strategically and like visionaries. They all have a vision of where they want to be and work to achieve that vision, no matter the cost.

All of them see themselves mentally executing each maneuver of their plan perfectly, and they already imagine themselves on the podium with the gold medal around their neck or to have succeeded in their endeavors.

Usually, at equal talent, they are the ones who are the strongest in creative visualization, arriving to the highest peaks because of being well programmed mentally, they know exactly how to put everything into action so that their vision become a reality.

What is this ‘famous power’ that they all have in order to materialize their thoughts through this kind of vision and strategy?

In fact, there is no famous power, the solution is, that if you want to obtain what you desire out of life, nothing is simpler: In your childhood, you were dreaming of what you would later be in life, you were telling all your friends and imagining yourself there,but you like many, and as the years have passed, have forgotten your youthful desires…

Why…? Why haven’t you continued to believe and act on them? You had a dream as a child, where is it? You need to believe in it again  

Vision and Strategy

Leaders and athletes do, they see their objective, as they focus on the aspects of being successful - a combine effect of vision and strategy, and then they achieve it through the power of creative visualization.

You can do the same, you just have to combine a few elements.  

1. Create a Mental Film

In simple terms, like leaders and athletes, you need to create an imaginary story in your mind, and to project images in your head of what you desire to obtain. You then focus on a specific point and get in the zone (being in the clouds) while performing your visualization.

It is your moment so don’t let anyone disturb you for a few minutes. Ideally, if you want an effective visualization that is optimal, you must bring yourself in a state of mind where you are in direct communication with your subconscious, and your conscious being put on the side line…

Meditation The great advantage of visualizing in a state of meditation is that the images you create are embedded more easily, more quickly and more deeply in your subconscious mind. And also, having bypassed your conscious, it cannot whisper its little pessimistic voice to tell you "This is not true. It will not work! ".

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’M Possible” – Audrey Hepburn

So, once the proper state of mind is achieved through meditation, it is now time to proceed with the aspects of being successful, a combined effect of vision and strategy.

There are many ways of visualizing, the variants are so diversified, but for my part, the best way is:  

2. Cultivate the Aspects of Being Successful

You are the hero of your film, and if need be, you can even decide to place yourself in the projection booth of a cinema, so you can adjust all the settings and the details to make it as pleasant and as real as possible.

To further increase the efficiency of the display, you can even combine it with writing it down and reading it every day, like a permanent program.

And to ensure that the displayed images become a permanent programming of your subconscious, you should repeat this visualization exercise for at least 90 consecutive days, keep doing it each day and believe.  

3. Wanting a Vision Passionately

Beyond the knowledge of your deepest aspirations, like any great athlete or leader, you need to always make sure that what you want, you really do desire it.

Not just a little or moderately but… passionately, with great conviction and excitement, from deep within your guts. And like Jim Carey said “We do not only need to visualize something, and then sit on our sofa eating a sandwich for it to happen”.

So create an action plan!

So this is it! Now that you know the mechanisms of the aspects of being successful, like any great athlete or leader out there, more than ever, you are the Master of your destiny ... provided that you put your knowledge into practice, of course!

If you wish to create the life of your dreams, discover how to build one on your own terms and live the life that you deserve through a guaranteed way of living. I can help you achieve the success you deserve So get on with it…and I wish you the best aspects of being successful.


Sergei VanBellinghen, Founder & CEO of First-Class Lifestyle, currently a Personal Growth & Success Expert, using self-development techniques to help you succeed and have a better life. Visit my website at

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