Attracting ‘Ready-to-Buy’ Prospects to Your Business

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In order to grow a business, we must make more profit and this comes from reducing costs or increasing income. Of the two, the latter is far more sustainable and helps to build a brand fully which brings us to the process of marketing.

With so much competition in every industry and niche these days, marketing is huge and a strategy is required if success is to be seen. However, there is no point marketing to the whole world because a significant portion of these people won’t be interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, the best solution is marketing to those who are interested and ready to buy your product/service. Today, I have some fantastic tips on how to do this effectively.

Social Marketing

In recent years, social media has gained a lot of attention and this isn't just a coincidence. Nowadays, it really is possible to generate leads through the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by providing insights into the industry, advertising your products, and helping potential customers to make their decision. Instantly, you have access to your target market by utilizing hashtags and various ‘groups’.

Local Marketing

If you’re looking for customers within a certain area, this isn’t a problem. By using specific keywords, you can target those looking for your type of service. For example, a car garage will want to be the first result on the search engine when anyone nearby searches for a garage service.  Although the internet allows access worldwide, local marketing is just as simple.

Add Value

Rather than spending your days endlessly advertising your products or services, I highly recommend showing the value more than any other feature. If you show the value of your product/service, customers start to see what you can add to their lives. Suddenly, they start thinking how useful your products/services could be and you steadily build interest within your target market. As we have discussed, competition is rife so why not break from the mold and show your worth?

Relationship Marketing

In today’s world, many businesses are making an error by saying ‘more sales equals more profit’; this is only true if costs remain level. In truth, profit is generated from quality leads and the long-term relationships you can build with customers. If you can build long-term relationships, repeat customers are always cheaper to keep than finding new customers so this is where trust and growth occurs. Once customers gain that interest and curiosity for your business, they will stay tuned for future developments.


In years gone by, products would sell themselves but now this is different; customers buy into a brand which means yourself. If you choose to market yourself as opposed to the products/ services, you’re more likely to see results because they will start to trust what you have to say. Regardless of your niche, customers like to know who is behind a service and this allows the long-term relationship to build. Rather than buying a one-off product, they buy your brand and are more willing to try other products because you have their trust.


In the market, the majority of businesses have the wrong mindset; they are hunting. Instead, you want to become the hunted so you attract people towards your business. By piquing their interest and curiosity, they buy into your brand and you continue to add value to their lives. Over time, this trust and relationship gets stronger and you have yourself a winning business plan. When you chase, you get customers who buy once and then forget your name. When you allow your business to be desired, you find long-term customers!

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