Be radical about achieving your dream.

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This article is for those who have found what they are living for, for those who know the path to their vision is made clear. By reason of choice and purpose, they know when to say yes or no. Those who have grown towards a personality ready to receive greatness. 

There was a time when my dreams were clear but I had not developed the deserving character as to obtain them. The paths were set because I know for sure if I wanted to get to where I needed to go it was easy to see what and what not to do. 

However, I never got to receive some of the dreams and while I write this I regret because had I known the things I know now. It would have been impossible to stop me from reaching where I wanted to go. So there are some attitudes one needs, there is a want that each leader deserves if they are going to get to their vision.

You have to be radical. Yeah, no one should want your dream more than you. You shouldn't wait for someone to tell you when to do the right thing or hope someone will pay the price for you. You alone should love your vision more than anything.

I have a friend who taught me this principle. I will tell you his story because it is interesting. While we were in high school I had a friend. This friend of mine wanted to be a doctor. We slept in the same room, ate the same food. Attended the same classes. I am saying this because that is how it normally is. We are presented with the same circumstances but somehow other people make it and others give excuses.

This friend of mine, first of all, knew where he wanted to go. He had his vision set on what He wanted. Its all he talked about. How he wanted to be a doctor and save lives. I had decided what I wanted to be but I was not as zealous as this person. In Uganda, you can do so well that the government sponsors your education at University level. Not only did my friend want to get the scholarship he also wanted to be the best at what He did.

Honestly, I have no idea who taught him how to be so radical. My friend came to school as we usually did on the first day. He organized his belongings, laid his bed and after that took his books an went to class. In the whole semester, this man slept in his bed like three times in that period. He took a pillow to class to help him be comfortable.

There was one incidence where he did a paper and got 40/100. He laughed and we were all wondering what had happened. He picked a pen and wrote on his paper. "You reap what you sow"

We were all waiting to see what would become of this friend of mine. The time came and we did the exams and went home to wait for the results. When the results came, it was amazing because He had made all His dreams come true. He was among the best students that year. He got a government scholarship and He is now doing a masters degree in surgery. 

I learned a big lesson about being radical about your goal. 

  • Do you love your goal more than your sleep?
  • Do you love your goal more than your entertainment?
  • Do you love your goal more than your comfort?
  • Do you dream about it and think about it all day?
  • Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to reach your goal?

If not then maybe you need to cultivate this spirit so that you will be able to reach the goal that you want to reach. Whenever I think about my personal goals I have this example to live by and I am glad to have shared it with you. 

What are your dreams and what risks are you willing to take to make them come true? I have risked with a community of people who are working towards their dreams too. Please click the link below to see what they are all about. You will not regret it.


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