Making a living working from home

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Creating Freedom in Your life

We see freedom in many ways.  However, freedom is the ‘power or right to act speak or think as one wants.’  It can also refer to the ‘state of not being imprisoned or enslaved’, either of these definitions allows us to escape from institutionalised ideas.

We grow up, go to school and at 17 years old or younger expect to know what we will do for a living and by the way, for the rest of our working days!

Of course, as we get older, we often realise that the career we have chosen isn’t always the career that makes us happy and gives us freedom.

Take a nurse, for example.  Long hours, shift work, average pay but the satisfaction of helping others can be very rewarding, but is it sustainable in the long term?

The answer is usually no,  and many of us strive for something new, something different, after all, if you do something for long enough you will probably want to do something new …. right?

The Internet is changing the way we do things these days, and opening up many opportunities to make a good living from the internet without leaving the house.

Whether or not we like it, the internet and social media are here to stay.  However, we can make it work favourably for us.

What is Internet marketing?


“Internet marketing – or online marketing is a huge business.  It refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from website or emails”.

There are different marketing strategies, Gmail marketing, social media marketing, SEO search engine optimisation, just to name a few.

It’s a change in our thinking that one needs to concentrate on. We all are so programmed to leave school, go to university or get a job working for an employer, 9-5 or in these days even longer, commuting back and forth to work, in ever increasing traffic jams; get 4 weeks annual leave, 10 days sick days , long service after 10 years and so it goes on, but no real freedom to go to work when you want to, spend as much time as you want to working, prioritising your time off to be able to enjoy life.

With this information technology world we live in, there are many opportunities to break away from that traditional way we live our working lives.  Being able to give us all the freedom to do what we want, when we want to do it.

What is this Technology Era we live in?


“The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age) is a historic period in the 21st century characterised by the rapid shift from traditional industry that the industrial revolution brought through industrialisation, to an economy based on information technology”.

It is this rapid change to information technology that is changing the way we live today.  Manual labour jobs are being replaced by robots and the elderly are struggling to come to terms with this new era.  This article written by Ian Hosking, an expert in design for the elderly at the University of Cambridge’s engineering design centre, believes we need to get the basics right first.

“There are some very tech-savvy older people around, but there is clearly a large cohort of people who feel excluded by technology. They find it a bit impenetrable,” he says.

Hosking goes onto say that according to the US Pew Internet research centre, 77% of older people would need someone to help walk them through the process of setting up a new device.

In saying that, the younger generation can really make a good living from Internet marketing, and many of this generation are very competent in I.T. and doing just that. However, education in Internet marketing is the key to this success. There are many platforms out there that will teach you this stuff, but just like any teaching platform, they are not all the same.

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