Brexit Proof Income

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The uncertainty caused by the growth of divisive and confrontational politics is adding to the stress already experienced by people employed in the Corporate sector.

Even for senior executives and experienced managers who have built careers over many years and who could have reasonably been expected to have longevity in the workplace, the certainty is evaporating.

The hardest part of this is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the performance of the Individual or for that matter the company. The political turmoil around Brexit is the most live example in Europe of course. Thousands of senior experienced and talented managers – in common with all of the workforce it has to be said – cannot be certain that the fallout from all of this will not force the businesses they have helped to build will relocate or close altogether.

It can be difficult enough to live the life of a busy executive with the sacrifice of family time and pressures of commercial achievement. That alone has to make one ponder whether the financial gain is worth the impact. I know that factor encouraged me to take a path where my income and more importantly the time devoted to it were not left in other people’s hands. But to add this level of uncertainty to the mix has to be playing hard on the minds of many.

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Alas the uncertainty doesn’t respect borders either. I mention Brexit as I live in Ireland but grew up in London. Both countries are in the middle of this crisis. But geopolitics is a bigger game. Trade wars between Donald Trump’s USA and ....(insert current adversary here) cause similar anxiety across the pond in the USA.

All of this reinforces my conviction that I took the right decision to create a business of my own. One that wasn’t geographically constrained or so subject to the madness of the political arena. I also increasingly saw the shackles of corporate life as a negative influence on my family and my health. The money, good and all that it was, did not and could not allow me the precious time to have a more rewarding lifestyle.  So I empathise the double whammy of the current situation. That which is compounding the usual stresses with even bigger ones.

It has to be worth considering the alternatives . For resourceful people, there are choices

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