Build Certainty in a Challenging World

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The best laid plans of companies employing tens of thousands of people are being washed away by decisions taken by political leaders and ideological Confrontation. Certainties for their employees are evaporating.

Brexit is a bit quiet at the moment. Alas, the vacuum has been filled by the Trade War between Donald Trump's US and China.

For people in Britain and Ireland both of these major political disruptors create huge uncertainty for our jobs and prosperity.  However talented we may be, how hard we work or our standing within the companies we work for cannot prevent these external factors impacting on us.

I wish that we could be sure that the future will be different.  At least for the next few years we will have the same cast of characters on the political stage and that will pose challenges and create uncertainty.

How can we build certainty for ourselves and our families?  I live in Ireland and it will (is already) impacted by the changes brought about by Brexit and we will all be affected by the deteriorating trade relationship. 

I chose to build a business that can function without borders and has a broad appeal. It is in part an insurance against decisions taken out of my control. Of course, there are other benefits to running an online business.  I have created a lifestyle that allows lots of time with my family and I trade my time when it suits me best.  I put in the hours, but it’s for my business and not to a timescale and direction of somebody else.

My own story and the particular route I took can be found Here 

Of course, I hope things settle down, but I don't want to leave that to chance.  Do you?

Allure Naturally is Vincent Wood's Online Business.


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