Can You Use Fear To Your Advantage?

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Can You Use Fear To Your Advantage?

I have experienced fear, that very unpleasant emotion when I believe something can be dangerous and what it could cause. All adverse scenarios appear suddenly in my head, and as a result, my brain releases chemicals that cause my heart to race, breath fast and shake more than what I would normally do. I hated these feeling and more than anything I hated to show my fear to others as it would make me feel even more vulnerable. When I was growing up, I was too emotional about it, but at some point, I decided to understand it better so that I could control it and not allow fear to control me. 

Paths to Fear and How You Can Use to Your Advantage

There are two options for dealing with fear. You can either shoot first and ask questions later, or you can assess the situation before deciding what to do. The first alternative can be considered as more emotional as it follows your intuitive system and allows you to be influenced. The second option could be more rational as taking the time to analyse, calculate the risk and therefore you judge what the best decision to follow is.

To work with fear and use to your advantage it is important to identify if the reason why you are feeling fear is rational or emotional. If the reason is more emotional, prioritise the reasons and take a step back to confront each one of them. However, more frequently by becoming rational about fear the solution becomes a clear set of statistics, experiences and plans to overcome fear.

Why You Need to Use Fear to Your Advantage?

It can only hold you back from taking decisions that will prevent you from doing and/or live by your desires and what ultimately will make you feel fulfilled. If there is just one thing to remember is don't allow fear to hold you back.

  • If you think that you can make a mistake or say the wrong thing, don't overthink it. Is all about learning from the experience.
  • If you believe that can't hit your target or take an uncalculated risk, think what could be the worst thing that could happen. Is all of how you manage what follows.
  • If you have a fear of being alone or unhappy and won't either begin or end a relationship for fear of being alone or unhappy. Believe in your own value and the possibilities.
  • If you have a fear of speaking in public thinking that you may go blank or can be laughed at. Remember is all about mastering this art and there are many resources to overcome this type of fear.

So go ahead and decide to overcome fear.

Four Steps to Use Fear to Your AdvantageUse Fear to Your Advantage

  1. Be aware of your fears as by understanding what causes the fear you can also identify the path to follow.
  2. Define how it makes you feel and also think about the positive outcomes.
  3. Confirm that your desire is greater than your fear to move out from your comfort zone.
  4. Follow your role models or mentors, practice and just conquer your fears by doing more and thinking less.

These four steps have helped me to overcome fear, become a person of action and as a result motivated me to succeed in starting my own business. Hope these will do the same for you.

Remember that if you can overcome your fears these will disappear from your mind and you will be able to act on your desires in life.

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