Career Change? The problems with Job Search Sites (and what to do instead!)

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If you are anything like me, you've had your fair share of experiences scrolling through various job search sites and slowly and slowly getting more depressed. I spent a good couple of years searching through the job search sites and getting no closer to a fulfilling career change. While I was wasting hours of my time browsing job adds, I couldn't help but think, 'is this it? I don't want to do any of these jobs'. The more I looked, the more disillusioned I became and the more problems I discovered. Here are my top reasons why you need to stop searching through your favorite job search sites. (and what to do instead!)

'Must have 5 years experience in a similar role'

This is the number one hurdle stopping many of us achieving a career change. Unless you just want to do the same job in a different office,  the requirement of minimum amount of years experience dramatically restricts your options in applying for jobs. This makes it extremely difficult to make a career change and escape a job that you are tired of and slowly hating. This common theme throughout many online job advertisements, that restricts individuals who could be brilliant workers from  even get close to a first interview.

All the good jobs are out of area

While I was searching on job search sites, I would always restrict my search criteria to jobs in my area (30 minute drive or less). This was simply because I did not want a long commute and it meant I missed out on opportunities that were further away. The popular job search sites only list traditional jobs that involve full time office hours. What about a category for online work? Where the work is not location dependent and you can do the job anywhere, anytime, with just your laptop? The online job adds are not for those wanting something different to the typical 9-5.

Many job advertisement jargon doesn't make sense

Often, a lot of material in job advertisements just don't make sense. Advertisements on job search sites use unnecessary jargon that confuses the reader. I believe this is often to deter people who may  be under qualified from applying but often alienates that searcher and leaves us even more confused than when we first started looking. The adds are not user friendly and often leave more questions than answers.

The add doesn't say what the job actually is

Talking about being confused, frequent job adds on the job search sites don't actually say what the role is who the employer is. This is often because its a recruitment company being outsourced to find candidates for the job. The recruiter is hoping to be so vague that you contact them to inquire and they can refer you to a variety of other roles to fill spots. The problem is it's hard to understand the nature of the role when you don't know the set description of the position or even the company.

Every add seems like the same job

Usually the job adds are written by a recruiter who writes a hundred adds a month or by a internal employee copy and pasting a job add from a similar role. The problem with this, is that every job appears almost identical and getting a real sense of the position is lost. The job adds are filled with fluff like, 'must be hard working, strong ethics, adhere to cultural values, work to improve profits'. All of this is already a given and doesn't help the searcher at all in understanding the position and what their day to day work life would be.

I don't know what I'm looking for

When we are looking for a career change or new position, we often don't know what were looking for. In search engines of job search sites,  you immediately have to search for a sector, such as, hospitality, administration, HR, finance, construction. This instantly narrows your possibilities. The job search sites would benefit from a search criteria based on the individuals needs, skills and desires. This method promotes your personal wants and aspirations, rather than a list of jobs generalized through a basic profession. The job search sites are geared to assist the employers,
not assist the searcher in finding meaningful work.

Whats the alternative?

Instead of looking for jobs, make the employers come to you. I would encourage everyone to get started on LinkedIn. Linked in works as a social media site for job professionals. You can network with people on your field and potential employers/employees. Your profile acts as your resume and you can promote your skills and qualities through the platform. This is now the fist place headhunters and recruiters come to source potential candidates. If you are not on LinkedIn then you are immediately at a disadvantage.

For me personally, after years of searching the job search sites, I eventually started to look outside the box. I wanted a career change that suited me and my needs.  I wanted time and flexibility and not to be location dependent. I also wanted a career that was on the rise and something meaningful. So I decided to work for myself. I started my own online business which promotes getting an online education to be able to run you own online business. I run it solely online through my laptop.

I started off in a mentoring program, that taught me the skills on how to set up my own online business. Once you learn the skills you can do anything online. You could run and online e commerce site, do affiliate sales, digital marketing, website flipping, digital design, Amazon FBA program and so on.

The best part was my online career change fixed all the problems I experienced with job search sites. You don't need any experience, as you can learn through a online program. You could do the work anywhere in the world form your laptop. The Training I got was straight forward with no jargon and you didn't need to know what you precisely wanted to do because once you learn online skills, you can do so much. It's also a completely booming
field as the world is transitioning to be completely digital if you already didn't realize. Thus, there is so many opportunities available now to earn a full time income working online. With the advancements of technology, there will continue to be more and more online career change possibilities available to you so there's never been a better time to start.

If you are someone that is lost in your current job and experiencing the above problems on the job search sites, then why not try something different? Here is a link to the same online mentoring program I used, that taught me how to make a full time income working online. 

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