Coach Hire - Why You Should Get a Coach For More Than Just Business

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I am going to give you possibly the most important advice you can ever be given, and I'll tell you why.

Whatever your goal is in life, find a coach to guide you to it.

I have two really big experiences that drastically affected my life in a negative way and that I could have avoided if only I had a coach. 

My first mistake was with my personal health and fitness. I was an obese child, incredibly unhealthy and so I invested in a home gym. I was way too self conscious to go to a gym by myself.

The picture below is me with my best friend at 11 years old. 70kg at that age. Big kid right? haha.


I taught myself every weight lifting exercise by reading and watching YouTube videos online.

I thought I was doing the exercises properly, but of course I can't actually see myself going through the motion.

Do you think I was lifting with good form? 

Heck No. When squatting, I used much too heavy weights and didn't squat deep enough. When deadlifting I used the same over/under grip (left hand over the bar, right hand under the bar) for years.

This actually caused me to develop muscular scoliosis (my spine curves to the side now) which has given me back, neck and knee issues.

The problem was I thought I was doing the right thing. But I didn't have proper guidance. Scoliosis isn't something that goes away overnight and I'll most likely be dealing with it for the rest of my life!

My second mistake was my first venture into the online world of money making in 2016. I haven't mentioned this yet because it's a sore subject for me but before I discovered the power of blogging, I tried my hands at dropshipping.

Dropshipping incase you don't know is creating an online store to sell products. You don't actually stock those products, when something is purchased from your shop you go straight to ali-express (very cheap chinese wholesaler) and purchase the product, giving the shipping details of your customer instead of yourself.

Have you seen posts on facebook or instagram that say "FREE *insert product* giveaway, just pay shipping"? 

That product is likely worth 1 or 2 dollars on ali-express, and you're paying $10 worth of shipping for a piece of junk.

I didn't know a lot of products were junk. Some aren't. I started a shop to sell Tungsten Rings which are actually good quality for their price.

If you google Tungsten rings, most shops sell them for anywhere between $100-$300. You can buy them on Ali-Express for $15-20! I was trying to sell them for $50-120

You might also start to notice some dirt cheap items on ali-express are being sold by BIG retailers for hundreds of dollars. I noticed this most with jewellery. It will make you think twice before purchasing that expensive pendant for your partner!

So I was learning everything as I went along, once again by watching videos on YouTube.

I spent $10,000 on that business and made only 1 sale. I completely ran out of money. I didn't know what I was doing with paid advertising. I was following exactly what the videos on YouTube were telling me to do.

What was my mistake? I had no proper guidance!

Don't let this discourage you from moving toward your goal though. I learnt my lesson the hard way, I now know the importance of having a coach is essential. No matter what your goal is.

Please do not make my mistake!

Most people would have just given up. I still work out and lift heavy weights. With a proper coach I have now learnt to work around my scoliosis. And I've learnt all about earning an income online.

What did I do? I found the right coach. Click on the image below.