Crazy-Good new video maker software with KILLER Text to Speech Engine!

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* What is VideoPal?

VideoPal is a never seen before revolutionary
software tools that you can use to boost
engagement, sales and ultimately profits by adding
UNIQUE never-seen-before ” talking video avatars”
to your websites, blog, landing pages and even to
websites you don’t own!

* How can VideoPal Help You?

You can instantly create talking video avatars
that are proven to DOUBLE your lead signups and
sales with no additional effort on your part. It
get’s better … you can create avatars in 24
different languages and 47 male and female voices
using the world’s best Text-To-Speech engine. (Use
it from anywhere around the world!)

You can add highly engaging call-to-action
buttons, optin-forms, timers on top of the
avatars to instantly double your results.

THOUSANDS of people are already doing this with
great success!


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your discount ends – there is a chance this may
change to a monthly subscription due to the
amazing features VideoPal offers!

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action are calling “ground-breaking”,
“revolutionary”, “incredible”, “pattern interrupt”
technology and more!

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You snooze you lose – the choice is yours!

for your success

Dennis Smith

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