“My mission is to help expansion minded entrepreneurs create and build their dream career through an online digital marketing laptop business”

Are you working to create your dream or someone else’s dream?  Do you want to have more fun and more freedom to do the things you love?  So what is keeping you from them?  You’re probably in the same boat that I was and my story may resonate with you.  

After graduating with an International Master’s degree in business, I traded my passions for careers that paid well.  I love to travel and helping people find their purpose in life.  While I had great income trading metals and brokering real estate they required being tied to an office and working with people whose values were on a different frequency than mine.   I felt a weight in my heart.  I wondered if I could be doing something more fulfilling that would provide me with the income I was earning.  I had been taught that through “hard” work and “sucking it up” I would have money and fulfillment.  I had money and I had titles, so why wasn’t I happy? 

I realized that I had been living someone else’s definition of success and that I had traded time for money.   I fast-forwarded my life to those last few minutes on this earth and I wondered what thoughts would cross my mind.  Would I regret not spending more time at the office or not working harder for my bosses?  Certainly not!  It was then I decided to take charge of my destiny and create the life I want.  

Knowing without a doubt that the Universe provides everything we want if we focus on it, I began my online search for the perfect lifestyle.  I tried MLM marketing and non-profit work soon to realize that these were other ways I was making someone else’s dream a reality.  I wanted desperately to have a freedom lifestyle and own a business that I could operate from anywhere in the world.   While I continued to plant the seeds for the perfect life and financial success, I also completed writing Agapanthus Rising. 

One of the pivotal points I make in the book is that we weren’t put on this earth to go to work every day, make money, procreate and die!  Clearly others were thinking and feeling the same thing because in 2014 my book was published and shortly thereafter picked up for publishing in Poland and Turkey!   As my book gained momentum abroad, I continued on my path to manifest success.  

I Googled and watched countless YouTube videos on brain power, mind expansion, manifestation and vibrational frequency.  That is when I found Six Figure Mentors.   I couldn’t believe that there was a business model whose vision ties in perfectly with mine.  Today I own two affiliate companies for SFM while learning new skills and growing exponentially in a business that I can operate from my laptop.  I love the community and support that I receive.  These are individuals, like myself, who have found the answer to living life on their terms.  Each one of us is creating a business that suits our personalities and our interests.  We have medical professionals, marathon runners, business strategists, financial consultants, attorneys, authors, film producers, actors and countless other professionals.  

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be inspired and surrounded by others who operate on a high frequency, this video may paint a better picture for you.   I’m learning from the masters in the industry whose mission is to provide value in everything that they do.  They are leading edge thinkers, movers and shakers!  They know that when we put others’ needs before ours, the financial rewards come naturally. 

I have aligned myself to create the life I want.  I now have more time to fly my drone, work on writing my second book, practice Ashtanga yoga, meditate and spend time with my family.  I recently returned from spending a month in the South of France.  I will be spending the month of February in South Africa and I plan to return to India and Nepal as soon as I can.  In the meantime,  I am having fun helping others create and build their businesses and loving every second!   I hope that in some way my story has helped you.  I encourage you to take action if you are looking for something more.  I am here if you need my help. Just access any of the links.   Wishing you success in all your endeavors.



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