How To Create An Income Stream Working On Auto Pilot!

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Welcome to each an everyone but specially to you.

How can we earn money while we sleep? A question I was asked quite a few times in the last months and want to give a deeper and wider answer on this question with this blog-post.

In general is it a question who want’s to know more about the infinity of how we can make money and really interesting though. As you may know does the average Millionaire have 7 different income streams but how are they doing this and how are they actually able to handle it? Do they have access to something we don’t have or what’s their secret? Do we have to be born rich or does an average person like you and I never make it until there? These and a lot more questions who’re never answered properly right?

Well, if you’re really serious about building wealth and earning seven figure incomes, we should have a closer look at the big earners out there.
Specially we should focus on their income streams because that’s what we want to copy and implement in our lives. If you do so, you’ll find out pretty quickly that they have one special thing in common, a feature our 9–5 job doesn’t provide. The ability to run on “Auto Pilot”!

This feature makes it possible to earn money while you’re not there, so it is able to run without our help. Think about this for a second, think about in this way:
Imagine it would be a machine and you would only need to turn on the switch to make it run, nothing more! How great would that be? “Ahhh, rubbish that’s not real, wake up!” are you probably thinking at the moment, “If this would work, why does not everyone follow this system of making money”, your next thought.

Well, if you think you could just buy that machine and turn on the switch, then would it be a dream, “YES!”. Without input no output that’s what you should have an eye on. Nothing is made out of nothing and exactly there’s where the work starts. You have to create the machine first and once your done with this, you are able to turn on the switch. As every other machine you need to do some servicing works and that’s where you’ll have to keep an eye on it once your done with the whole project. Same as the Millionaires are dong it, they don’t and can’t have an eye on every income stream every day.

How do we now set up this mysterious income stream?
All of those income streams make use of “duplication”, which is an important part to build an auto pilot. One of the most common outcomes of duplication is time freedom. I’m sure you have already asked yourself: “How is it possible, in regards of wealthy people having so much time for holidays, travels and enjoy
life ?”, right? That’s exactly the power of duplication.
Generally spoken would you just have to automate a certain task,work,service etc. and duplicate it so many times until it doesn’t deserves you anymore.

In conclusion is to say that you just have to walk trough this process once and then you’re able to set up as many auto pilots you want because you know what it takes to succeed. That’s all of the “secret formula” to create an income stream running on auto pilot, all it takes now is persistence to build one up!
There though is where the rubber meets the road, and most of us give up!

Hopefully you could understand and take away some value from this post, let me know how you feel about this and comment or up-vote if you like.

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Over&Out for today, hope to see you around soon.



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