Customer Value

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I think most people can think of a time when they have had bad customer service? If only those businesses had thought about the value of your business in not only terms of the money you spend with them each year but also the referrals you give to others- good and bad.

When dealing with customers it is important to recognise the value your customers bring in $ terms. If you have staff you need to convey this $ figure to them. Watch the video above for a great illustration of this.

You cant afford to be indifferent. Ensure each approach to your customers is with service in mind not thinking about the cleaning yet to be done so you can go home, not going for a break, not thinking about how long you have been at work .... make sure you have each customers needs in mind before yours or don't put yourself in front of the customer. If you work for yourself you might have the option to not answer the phone for example rather than bring your baggage to the communication. How you and your staff feel will affect and project how you/they feel about your business and be projected to the customer.

You cant afford this to be anything else but a good experience.

Kerri Bainbridge

One half of the Anywhere Team NZ

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