Dare to Leap

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"If you are not living off the edge you are taking up too much space", so says one of my favorite speakers Mr. Adrew. What is it exactly about this life of risk that makes life so fulfilling? When is the threshold passed concerning the kind of thrill that can make or break you? 

I would like to share some of the most interesting leaps I ever made in my life. I will share the good and the bad that came out of it. Life is interesting when you take risks and they pay off, on the other hand, risks can get you into bad situations. 

Come to think of it, playing it safe is also a risk that it will go well with you. Let's use an analogy let us say we were all bundled up in a sinking boat and are not aware of how deep the waters were but there was this ability to walk on water. Just saying, and we all never knew about it.

When the boat is capsizing there are two options, risk the unknown and learn or drown while playing it safe in the sinking ship. This is the kind of life some of us live. The system you trust is collapsing soon but you are afraid to step out and try something new. You have the capabilities and potential to soar but you will never know until you step off the edge.


Here are some of the risks I took and the lessons I learned:

  1. Moving out of my father's house immediately after college: some of you may have done this and succeeded but mine was a different story. The last day of college I got a call from my mother. She was asking me if I wanted to go back home or if I wanted to live alone. I replied I wanted to live alone and see what it really took. She paid my two months deposit and the journey began. It did not take long for me to realize what a superb life I was living within my father's nest. Before I knew it rent was due and I was struggling to think of a way to make ends meet. I was young inexperienced, no job all the monies I had I made from fixing computers but it was small change. I was forced to think outside the limits I had set as a student. I had to learn to budget my little earnings, some days I even slept hungrily. I soon realized how tough life was and therefore I grew a thick skin. While I was still struggling my father offered to pay for my education further, I chance I leaped at with both hands, because of the lessons I learned while I was alone it helped me to realize that being given money you haven't worked for was a luxury. I work hard each day never to get back to the place of struggle. Just talking about it could mean I may catch a nightmare tonight. I went studied and graduated top of my class which had never happened before.
  2. Leaving my job in Malaysia because I felt it was suffocating and I was not evolving: this one was a big decision. I felt I could do more than sit on a computer 24/7 in a foreign country making someone richer by the minute. I believed I had more in me to succeed in business. Long story short I finished my contract and opted out because I wanted to know what the world had to offer. Was this really it? I had to know. When I got back home we began a family business that earned us more than 2,000$ a week gross income in trade. I had hit my jackpot. It was one of my best risks but it did not last long. The business collapsed due to an attack on my farm something I couldn't control really. Then I began another and it failed, then another. I just don't give up, do I?

I would tell you more about these ventures but I want to summarize some pointers on the things I learned and some that can help you in your leap.

  1. Timing is important: I could have done somethings differently like the time that I decided to quit my job I could have found a way to keep the job while supporting the project it would have made more sense. However, there were many factors to consider. Timing is important when making decisions.
  2. Patience: while doing my business I realized that in order for you to build something from the ground up, you need patience. One of my projects was a poultry farm where we had 3000 layers. We had to invest for 6 months before seeing an egg. I learned the basics on the patience that is needed to make it in startups.
  3. You are a sum total of your choices: having stepped out of my comfort zone I became my own CEO, banker, everything was on me. I soon learned to value my time because not valuing time meant doing unnecessary things as a priority.
  4. People are important: I was a shy young man until I stepped out and had to sell my product. People skills are necessary in order for you to run that venture it would do some good to learn some people skills before leaping. 
  5. Your next step will be made visible when you decide to take the first one: there is no better part of planning like the first step. You can call all the specialists you want its until you move and take the first step that you will realize that your variables are many TH. Make the first step and move towards your goal gradually.
  6. There is no easy way: there was a time when I used to think of easier ways to do things until I realized if you are here on earth you have to pay the price for greatness. If you are not paying the price someone else did. There are no microwave successes it is all earned. You earn every penny. YOU ENGAGE, COMMIT AND THROW YOUR WHOLE SELF AT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU CAN SEE IT COME TO LIFE.

When I sit and evaluate my life right now, I regret some decisions but I value the lessons I learned. Honestly, I feel like if I had not made those mistakes early enough I would be in a place I wouldn't be comfortable in at the moment. Yes, I am glad I leaped into the unknown and I continue to leap there more.

This is a celebration moment, I will do it Lebron style.

Those are some of the pointers I have for you today, feel free to leave a comment, share on your social media and like this article if you enjoyed it. What are some of the leaps you have made in your life? How did it turn out? I would like to hear from you.

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