Decisions vs Procrastination


Here is another vital part of making it in business or life. Let's refer it to a business, but it can be applied to life. You have a concern just starting up. You have a choice of services you want to give to the public. Is it going to A or B that you want to give the most? What is your decision?


One of the reasons why people fail in business is because they can't decide or move slowly on decisions. If you hesitate at this stage, you lose your power to move on. Confusion sets in and there you go. Going nowhere fast. Decisions vs Procrastination 

                                    (Psych Central)

Decisions have to be made quickly in order to move your product or service. And once you made that decision, do not change it. Or, in some rare cases, if you do, make that change slowly. As a matter of fact, I won't make a change unless I talk it over with my Master Mind. We'd look at it from all angles and if it is in accordance with the goals of the business, I may decide to make changes. But once my mind is made up, I don't like changes. Sticking to your guns is what has made the successful people in the history of this nation what they are today, rich. But here's the greatest decision made in this country; On July 4th, 1776, fifty-six men signed a document that created the greatest nation in the world. It was a decision that took courage. Every one of them knew they were either setting the country free or they were going to have from the gallows as traitors. And here's something that astounded me when I heard it; Not everyone was in agreement with the document. There were arguments about the Declaration that went on for years before it was signed. But the decision had to be made and it was with more courage than we could imagine at that time. Decisions vs Procrastination 


What would have happened if the majority of those men said; "I don't know. I just can't make up my mind." Where would we be today?


Procrastination is the opposite of decision. And it is just as lethal, if not more so than making slow decisions or changing them too quickly. If you're procrastinating, you're probably not sure whether you want to do the project you are involved in in the first place. Or maybe not. What causes procrastination in the first place? If you are listening to the opinions of others or reading newspapers that promote bad news (and what one doesn't), you are feeding your mind with stuff that you don't need. And when I say opinions of others, I mean well-meaning family members and your friends that know nothing or little about what you want to do. Get with your Master Mind and take it up with them. Like minded people will do a lot better than what "Aunt Bertha" knows about your business. Decisions vs Procrastination


Learn the ins and outs of your business. Know it like no one else does. Use your head. You are intelligent enough to run your own life. You got this far, haven't you? Make your own decisions and stop procrastinating. The universe will guide you to success if you follow these rules. But there are more rules that must be followed also. I have discussed some of them and more are to come.

My passion is to help people become successful in their lives. We all live and learn something every day. Every time I learn something I like passing it on to you so you can be successful with me.

The above was taken from the book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  

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