Skills Over Degree.

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A few days ago I posted a blog talking about traditional education who all the concept star not in details but we got an idea, to be a success you need to have a good job, and the meaning was managing people. Still, for the new visitors to this website, if you like to read about it, I can bring the topic again feel free live a comment and let me know, now let's back to school.

 After you finish a degree, you got the knowledge. Still, even some people think to be more victorious one is not enough maybe more is not the solution, that is not the point, is just a pease of paper don't get me wrong if you have one but in hour days skills are more critical.


Corporation looking to wire skills, not a degree, just because you own one, doesn't mean you possess all you need, a meaning of a degree is you know something for that you pass all the exams and courses.

Skill in other wand means you just not know something also you can do something, ability and capability to produce some results depending on what kind of craft you have.

The skills are transferrable not limited to one industry or one company whatever the expertise you develop you can transfer if you want. Multinational they will be more then happy to pay a premium, and that gives you real peace of mind security if that makes sense.

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