Digital Disruption Are You Ready?

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As a tax accountant in New Zealand I have been grappling with the impact of digital disruption. I recently made an analysis of my net margins over the past 5 years and while sales have increased the net profit has not been a steady increase, instead it has been stagnant. The main reason for this has been the impact of cloud-based accounting systems in NZ. In NZ we have the highest penetration of cloud-based system use in the world with market estimates being around 80% of the market. While I have adopted this cloud based approach the empowerment of the clients has reduced revenue from client assistance with tax compliance work. So what have I been doing about it? I decided to get into adding more value for the clients by adding business consultancy services into the mix. I found the perfect product to compliment that here. After 2 months or so of going it alone ,I formed a New Zealand company and decided to team up with Kerri Bainbridge my business partner to really approach the issue of business services. We both have worked on non-profit marketing thru our common interest in Toastmasters International and each have our own business and we have been operating those for a number of years. This collaboration has allowed us additional synergy  to get the tasks done as required. Our business site has content aimed at business clients. Web based questionnaires to assist clients needs have and are being developed aimed at inspiring clients to get into the digital space. In additional several web-based products for the New Zealand market have been developed

I question I ask you is are you taking advantage of digital disruption or are you going to be left behind

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