Digital education for small businesses

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As we fast approach Christmas, more and more customers are using the internet to find deals and bargains they wouldn't be able to find on the High Street. As e-commerce continues to eat away at traditional retail, brick-and-mortar stores seem to believe that the best way to compete is to slash prices. This in turn eats away at your profit margins and creates a slump in the market. As consumers, what makes people keep coming back to the traditional shops are the displays of physical products, the atmosphere and the customer service. What makes customers go on the internet to buy, are the lower prices, the ease of order and the time saved from not endlessly queuing.

What if traditional businesses were to take the bull by the horns and create an e-shop alongside their traditional shops?  Surely this would reduce much of the hassle. Large companies are known for their websites, but it is surprising how many smaller businesses are not taking advantage of online space. Smaller businesses would then gain the upper hand by having both online exposure and a real-life shop, that carries its own authority within its niche market. 

The real advantages of getting on the web are greater than just having a website shop where transactions can take place. There are people who still want to see, touch and feel the item before they buy it. However, by getting on the internet, you can reach a wider audience. There are always the passers-by and the people who just visit a town or city, just to go to that one shop. But they wouldn't even know you were there if you barely come up on a second page of a search engine!

You can build your brand awareness, show-case what you have to offer and get good quality reviews that only work in your favour.On top of that, when your customers have seen your products, they can have some time to 'think about it' and make a purchase online, without having to mess about looking for a similar item elsewhere. If you can create promotions and events, you can advertise these and make your customers feel welcome. By building a good reputation online you can infact attract more customers to your door. You don’t have to rely on traditional sales either as you see your online business making real profits, as it runs parallel to your existing business.

Another advantage is the low overhead costs and low risk. You can build customer loyalty over time from social interactions and people that like you. They will be up for recommending you to their family and friends.

One of the main barriers to running your own online business parallel to your traditional one is the lack of know-how. It can be easily solved with the right training. (Click Here).

Lack of training means many business owners put their business in the hands of an external agency. This is costly and doesn’t always measure up to the long-term maintenance of the e-shop. In other words, the training is vital to the business and its future survival.

Being online and a traditional business requires more than just social media and branding. There is marketing, product awareness, Search Engine Optimising, list building for profit, to name a few. There are many intricate vehicles to make your business highly profitable from an online standpoint. Yet if you ignore it, this becomes increasingly more difficult to break into the market. There is competition, just like on a street but each online shop has the advantage of engaging its customers in its uniqueness.

Many established business owners struggle because they don’t have the in-depth education. They must do hours of research to get a quarter of the way. However never before has this education been so clearly laid out. Our step by step unique education platform provides you with the step by step method of everything you need to get trained up. You can take it to an advanced level if you choose. All you need to do is commit to an hour or two a day to train yourself up. As a business owner, you really want to be taking charge of your online presence. When you have finished your training, you can manage your online business from your mobile phone simultaneously with your established business. Get trained up here and don’t loose out on profits. Stay open!

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