Do it by yourself or find a Mentor?

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It is very easy to think sometimes that we have got all the answers. Furthermore, it is even tempting to think that other people do not have our best interest in mind and we just can't trust them.

It is probably correct to some extent, but let's face it. Nobody in this beautiful world has ever become successful, happy or fulfilled without other people helping out. Do you think you would have ever heard about Michael Jordan or Cristiano Ronaldo, if they had just played ball in their backyards on their own?

We would have never heard about these legendary sportsmen if it wasn't for their coaches, physiotherapists, doctors and other staff members. In addition to the support staff a sportsman also needs a mentor. If somebody has already been down the path that you would like to go down, that person can give you insight, valuable second to none. It would be just inconcievable to imagine that you have all the answers yourself.

If your goal is to do something you have never done before, be it starting an online business, e-commerce or anything else, it would be very wise to ask someone who has done that before. Preferably someone who has done it successfully.

That was my message today, hope you enjoy your day.

Talk to you soon,

Richard Pulst

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