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Wayne Dyer's book " Wishes Fulfilled" goes into depth on the subject of energy and spiritual guidance. As mentioned in earlier bog's it is now a scientific fact that we have energy running through our physical bodies. The skill is do we how we tap into that energy and use it ?


We tap into electricity every day , we cannot see, smell,hear or taste it. BUT we still have absolute faith and belief it's there when we plug an item into a socket don't we ?

Wayne in a conversation with a brain surgeon who had questioned the energy in our brain, the surgeon remarked " in all the time he is operating and inside a persons head he has never seen the spiritual energy Wayne discusses " Wayne replied " Have you seen any thought floating around in there ?" What an answer we know we have thoughts in there we take it as an absolute fact, as we do electricity runs into our homes. 

Therefore we have to accept that " thought " is spiritual energy, if not where do thoughts,ideas and stimulation come from? when you read and drill down deeper, Waynes simple explanation of the spiritual energy means we have to accept it's there don't we ?


How do we tap into this energy ? the teachings are through mediation morning and evening, I meditate at these times, I focus on the areas of my life I want to improve and goals I want to achieve. By repetition we are taught that manifestation will start to take over, my experience is, it does , however we have to believe and believe without question to achieve the subject of our manifestation. Some will " give it a try " well that's what they are manifesting they will achieve the results they are visualising " everything will stay as it is " If we want change we have to hand it over to our spiritual energy and know with utter conviction the universal energy will deliver, be that postive or negative whose choice is it ? 

Why not give it 100% commitment for 6 months, focus on what we want to visualise , hand it over and know that the universal energy will deliver. 

I decided to take a leap of faith to "Change My Life" to be happy and fulfilled by achieving my full purpose, I have a property business and an online business. I have learnt to serve others ( as I hope I am doing now ) respect others for what they are trying to achieve no matter how big or small their ambition. I work on my attitude each day and look to help anyone I can on a daily basis. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, please share like or comment.


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