Do what you know, not what you feel.

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I like the picture above it is a fine description on what I want to write about today. Feelings vs reality. When I try to put myself in the shoes of that person standing in that position, on a glass many feet above the ground, I get chills going down my spine. Even when I know completely that if anything were to happen many people would be in trouble so as a result they tested and re-confirmed that this glass could hold good weight.

So why then do I still feel the chills going down my spine I ask myself. I know very well I won't fall, but the thought of being so high and the probability of falling makes the whole experience uncomfortable for me.

I bet you, if tonight was the day before I went to that building and stand over that glass I would probably have butterflies clearing out my stomach right now. I would have a hard time sleeping. 

Wow, imagine all this has been created in the distance between my ears. It is all not real. What is it then?

To describe it in the simplest way. It is you listening to what your mind has created for you. The basic capacity of a human is 'thought'. Thoughts are powerful. Even the concept of that glass came out of a thought. 

I bet that guy must have had a sinister look as he thought of this evil plot to scare the heat out of some people. That guy he must be like: 'that is sooo evil! Lol'

The power of thoughts cannot be underplayed. Think of anything of value that you can get your brain on. It was first a thought.

Then it was acted upon which then made it manifest through behaviors. So we can some things involved here.

  1. Thought: your basic capacity as a human. You are thinking all the time. Even right now there are thoughts going through your mind
  2. Consideration: out of all the thoughts if you decide to put one in the limelight then your brain as powerful as it is, it goes to work. The brain churns that thought.
  3. Action: the more you churn the thought the more likely you are to act on in. It has come from just a thought now. The brain has taken it through processing and it has qualified to affect other parts of the body.
  4. Behavior: when you consistently act a certain way it becomes a behavior. So I can confidently say some of the behaviors you don't like came from thoughts you let your brain talk you into.

Here is the good news. I just remembered that sinister guy. Funny guy.

Okay, here is the good news. You can control your brain. Yey! This is the best news ever. So this means if a thought comes to your mind when you do not approve of it then you need to shut it down. Yeah, this may mean you have to take down many other ways you were thinking.

How are you going to be able to do this? You can do it by learning new patterns of thinking by filling your brain with new knowledge. Some of the thoughts need to be challenged. For example.

The reason why I wouldn't dread stepping on that wonderful glass is because of these reasons or reason.

  1. If I fell through someone would get sued: hehe as if this matters in my grave. What I mean is that the person who made this is probably living a good life and the last thing they want is to be called that they build something that lost its credibility. Yeah, that thought makes them test it first.
  2. Others have gone there and nothing happened: why would I automatically assume that this glass after so many years, is waiting for me to come. Fly all the way from my country and when I reach, the glass will catch a revelation to suddenly break. How?
  3. The bad image: the image the city and the building would be tarnished if anything happened to someone.

With these reasons, I stop in their tracks any feelings that try to bring their heads towards stopping me from having a fun time.

How is this applicable to you?

If you are not hitting your potential, you have your work. You are living a life you don't like but you are scared of making the changes maybe you need to add to your knowledge arsenal.

You need to curb your knowledge and mitigate how it propagates to bad behavior through training and mentoring. You can learn to control your destiny by doing what you know and not what you feel any time.

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