Do you have what it takes to be a remote worker?

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Being a remote worker is on the rise. If you have an expertise in just one skill that you are a master of, then you will be in great demand. You will be able to get the best responses from your clients. Focus on one main skillset and it will shine through in your confidence.  Thousands of professional workers are choosing to drop their nine-to-five office jobs, to give them the flexibility of working from anywhere. With all the technological advances available, fewer people feel the need to confine themselves to an office desk and see the freedom in working remotely. 

Big companies are happily accepting a remote lifestyle for their employees these days, and hiring managers predict that in the next 10 years, 40 percent of the workforce will work from home. According to a recent article wriiten by Scott Mautz, people who were working from home were actually more productive than those who worked from the office. Despite the misconception that people who are working from home are lazy, the Stanford University study concluded that there were more efficient work practices being met from home than at the office. There was less 'slack time' from inconsequential socialising for one. Employees spent their time wisely and appreciated not being micro-managed but having a level of autonomy. Secondly they could avoid having to commute. Other advantages were some employees could not afford to live in the city or travel and waste 2-3K a year on the commute.

Being able to work from home is healthier, as you can 'build routines' to eat healthier, sleep more, go out and get fresh air and exercise. If you are working from the comfort of your own home, it's more likely to feel stress free, encouraging a healthier emotional state of mind. I often go for a walk in the middle of the day and just relax.

All that being said, here are the main skills you need to be time free and work from home.

1. Good Time Management- You wouldn't be late at work and expect to get away with it or not show up! The same applies to working from home. You have a set number of tasks you need to perform, with an estimated given amount of time you expect to complete those by. You simply set aside a regular schedule and complete these. Try not to make these over-run so you can enjoy quality time doing the things you love.

2. Technical IT Skills/Knowledge- Really all you need is an internet connection and the ability to follow instructions. Whilst it would be great if you were a computer whizzkid, this is not neccesary. There are so many courses out there to choose from and it is easy to get bogged down with the latest advancements. Trouble is if you pick an 'old' random course and there have been updates on a particular system, this could leave your knowledge obsolete. This is why our education platform has the latest courses, at all levels and professional step by step training ready for you. Choose the course you need at the time, follow the training and then utilise your professional skillset as and when needed. You also get coaches and tech support available to hand. Hold on- we provide you with a whole community of experts that you can reach out to at anytime for help and support!

3. Great communication skills- Are you good at writing articles or blogs? Perhaps you are good at writing emails or better still having face to face remote conversations with clients or larger audiences. Are you confident or a bit nervous? Can you be persuasive in a non- threatening or non pushy way? In fact if you can provide any sort of value or advice to others in your field and communicate this to you will be a success. Our education platform provides you with support and extensive training in this area too.   

4. Drive/Ambition-It is easy to lose motivation if there is no one watching you at times. Your ownership of the tasks at hand is vital. If you have a burning desire to be successful then you must be consistent in your effort. If you can keep your focus and can carry out tasks in a logical order, you are there. No excuses. Our education platform teaches you how to improve your mindset, so you never feel lonely and can maintain your focus everyday. Do you need accountability? Sign up to the education platform and I will support you. Sign up here.

5. Automation skills- How about letting the computer do alot of the work for you? For example, setting up emails and training videos or marketing campaigns. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your day. We train you up on all this and much more.

6. Advertising and marketing skills-The training we provide teaches you who to advertise and market to, how to pinpoint you purpose and which audiences to target. Our coaches are highly experienced and have dealt with clients from all walks of life, from all over the world. 

Now whether you already have a job or not, you still may want to set up your own online businesses and be your own boss. If that is the case then this training is for you. You can sell other people's products or services and get commissions. If you have your own online businesses or even a bricks and mortar business then this education is a requirement. If you do have a traditional job but want to work from home, ask your employer if this is possible. You will still find this training useful to support you in your career. If it is not possible, then you can still work from your laptop to lead a laptop lifestyle. Just do one of two things. Go to Https:// and subscribe for your free 7 day video series on how to train up as an online Marketer, so that you can work from home and set up your own online businesses successfully. Once you have got them up and running, you will be able to make an income from your own sales. Some people have got an income to supplement their existing one, while others have become so good at this that they have replaced their income fully. The second thing you can do is go to my other website to get your free 5 on demand workshop  

I will send you training emails for free and show you how to use the education platform to build a lifestyle of your dreams. It's now or never. Take a look. Make online remote work become your own online business income stream. If you can build the skills to do this, you can achieve time freedom, without worrying about having to go to a job that drains you of energy. If you choose to continue with your job whilst getting set up, that is fine, as many people choose to do this whilst planning for their future path. I use the education platform myself and you will also see me there as a student, doing the same thing. Learning and professional development is a lifelong journey.  It is important to be prepared with the skills to become independent of our current jobs. Start today.   

Sheila Emery


Sheila Emery is a Science Teacher of 25 years, wife and mother of three children. She lives in Derbyshire and has successfully set up her own online businesses


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