Do you need funds? Learn the 8 tools needed for digital marketing today..

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You have made a very important decision. A decision to start your own marketing business online. My goal is to guide you towards profitability. Know this, it does take a commitment in time and money.

Now, hold on, don't fret about the term money. The money you invest in your business will help your bottom line. There are tools that are required to start an online business.

Tools Needed to Start Your Business

I could insult you with some simple basics like owning a computer and having an internet connection, but I will not do that because I know you are connected or you would not have reached me.

These are the power tools to get you started:

  • a business address
  • a business name (which could be your website name)
  • a website (optional)
  • an autoresponder
  • an opt-in page
  • a business phone number
  • a product (your product is Six Figure Mentors)
  • This last tool is the spice: a willingness and determination to succeed.

With these tools, you can be up and running within two (2) days.

Websites and Autoresponders

Two days because sometimes website registrations take 24 hours.

Now, I would not sign up for the autoresponder until you are clear about a business name and your plan for driving traffic.

Because once you sign up for the free trail, the clock is ticking to go into a full subscription.

Yes, you will need to register to get a domain name. Don't over think this. I do often. Remember, no technical skills are required to get started. The domain name is for sustainability. You don't want to go out of business as fast as you started. You must have an individual presence on the internet. Also, this is how to retain your customers with a domain name and an autoresponder.

I use two autoresponders, AWeber and Sendlane. AWeber is a bit more complicated to me, but I have not sat down to thoroughly learn the platform. Sendlane is easier to use, but, at times, I feel like some instructions are missing. With Sendlane, you can build your own opt-in pages in the software so I recommend Sendlane and I have an affiliate link with Sendlane.

Six Figure Mentors have an affiliate link for AWeber. Maybe, I will in the future, but again this goes back to me learning the platform. There are YouTube videos to walk you through both AWeber and Sendlane and many other autoresponders. The owners of Sendlane have stated Sendlane was built for internet markets. I find it easier to use.

The Business Name

Unless you have thought about a name in the past, this may take you some time to toss names around in your head, look at the name written or typed so you can see it. Whatever name you decide, it should be no more than 17 characters.

As you are doing your research, I know the ideas you come up with may be taken. That's why it may take about a week to come up with a name you can live with for the rest of your business life. Again, 17 characters only!

The name of my online marketing business is The Hope Designer. I went through multiple iterations to come up with this name. My goal is to help people start their business although they may not have the time because of their current lifestyle. Other options I have chosen were taken. I decided on The Hope Designer because I want everyone to know no matter what challenges they may face, there is always hope.

Hope may be the thing to push someone over into knowing they can succeed and everything is alright as long as I make continuous progress. That's the goal, to consistenly do something to push myself along with others to continuous progress.

It may take one or multiple tries to get the fight feel for a business name. Anything you try on the first instance does not feel authentic or that it belongs to you, but as you try again, it becomes more a part of you.

You want your business to be a part of you and your lifestyle. So take the time to come up with a name that fits you and what you are about.

Let's say, your business is related to your purpose.

So you have a name, the rest is going through some formatting or processing to set up the rest up.

Your Product

You have signed up for Six Figure Mentors so you have a product with a funnel. A funnel is just a series of product in line after the initial product.

Business Address and Phone Number

Now you have 3 (and of course, the determination) of the 8 tools to move forward with opening for business. A business address and phone number can be worked on while getting your opt-in page set up.

Writing E-Mails

Once you have implemented the tools and have tested your opt-in page to make sure your link is working, and you can capture your leads. (you need to find leads.) You need to write at least a 7 - 10 series of emails.

This is why I recommend Sendlane. Sendlane has pre-built content within the software platform for e-mail ideas and content ideas. You can modify what's there which I highly recommend or use it as is. Using it as is my push your e-mails to the SPAM folder.

You are the personality of your business so modify the content according to your style. Let your personailty show. There is a lot of content online on how to create an effective e-mail campaign. If you sign up for Sendlane it will walk you through the content.

You Are in Business

There you have it, Your Very Own Online Business.


I know your next thought or questions, how do I get traffic. This is where you will need to invest money because it will take a long time to get organic traffic.

When something takes a long time, I know I tend to lose interest, and I would guess you will too.

So go ahead and invest in some paid traffic.

Start with 100 clicks to get over the fear of being taken advantage of. Remember, you are in a commerce society, this is no different than going to Walmart to purchase goods. You are just doing it online for your business. Push through that fear and come out on the other side with people who have signed up on your list.

Solo Ads

I started with a few sites, 10 Dollar Solo Ads, Udimi, and Igor Solo Ads.

10 Dollar Solo Ads did not yield any results for me. The platform is simple, but no results. Maybe it was too simple.

Udimi are individual solo ad providers who are willing to send traffic to your site for a fee, and it depends on the number of clicks requested. I recommend newbies start with 100 clicks. Remember to research the solo ad providers.

I purchased 100 clicks from an Udimi provider, and I provided the seller the wrong link.

Getting Professional Help

When I first purchased ads from Udimi, I did not understand what link I was supposed to use to drive traffic.

I was following a format and was unwilling to deviate from the script. I gave away my product without capturing a single e-mail address. Part of my niche is e-mail marketing. I could see the traffic coming in, but nothing in my AWeber or Sendlane Dashboard. Talking about an expensive lesson learned for a newbie.

It could have been a confidence buster, but I sucked it up and said, "lesson learned." I was a little afraid to get back out there, but I did realize I needed professional help.

Once I realized I needed some professional help. I contacted Igor Solo Ads.

All my first attempts were sloppy and unfruitful.

I want to encourage you to try again after the first attempt. Walk away to reset your mind, but come back tomorrow or later. Your mind and eyes will see through a different set of lenses. You have gained some knowledge.

Igor's customer service is phenomenon. His team will work with you until your opt-in page is optimized for traffic. Igor will build your opt-in page. He is expensive but as a newbie you get to learn what a high converting opt-in page can do for your business. I recommend starting with Igor. It will build your confidence as an internet marketer and see that it is possible to get traffic to your site.

Sales Pages

One thing I need to pass along to you now, know what a sales page looks like and know your product's sales page. This is key to getting your leads to the right page. So they can learn about your product and whether it will benefit them.

Problem Solving

Remember, you are starting a business to solve problems for someone

  1. Be a problem solver for someone and
  2. Solve your own problem for financial freedom.

Take note of the order, It's important!

Finally, with these words and your determination, you can have a business up and running in one day with the tools in place and implemented, and a high converting opt-in page.

Assess Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Before I go, I want you to access your life.


Table borrowed from the 'Boron Letters'

Urgent - Important (must be taken care of immediately):  Stage 4 Cancer, a broken leg

Urgent - Not Important (must be taken care of soon):  Getting to the market before closing

Not Urgent - Important:  Working out, Getting an annual exam

Not Urgent - Not Important (nice to do):  Watching TV, reading an enjoyable book

We live in Q1 and Q3.

Now assess where your business will fall. Is it important for your financial and mental health?

Your Goal

Your goal is to begin working in Q2 (Not Urgent - Important). This is called financial, mental, and social health prevention. When we consistently take steps to prosperity, we live less in chaos and expediency. You will be able to relax more day in and day out.

I recently read a quote:  "If you take care of things that are important before they become urgent, then the only things that become urgent will be beyond your control or unimportant."

You have taken the first step. You signed up with Six Figure Mentors. Implement the tools and begin driving traffic to your online business.


There are 8 tools to immediately start an online marketing business in a day. Start immediately with naming your business which may take a week, but should be done as soon as possible. This step is not included in getting the business up and running in one day. Register for a domain name and an autoresponder. Create an opt-in page and start driving traffic. Get a business address and a business phone number. Know you are an entrepreneur and assess yourself consistenly.

How to make your first 10K online!