Do you want to have extraordinary results?

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Do you want to have extraordinary results?*

There is a natural rhythm to our lives that becomes a simple formula for implementing the ONE Thing and achieving extraordinary results: purpose, priority, and productivity. Bound together, these three are forever connected and continually confirming each other’s existence in our lives. Their link leads to the two areas where you’ll apply the ONE Thing one big and one small.

Your big ONE Thing is your purpose and your small ONE Thing is the priority you take action on to achieve it. The most productive people start with purpose and use it like a compass. They allow purpose to be the guiding force in determining the priority that drives their actions. This is the straightest path to extraordinary results.

Think of purpose, priority, and productivity as three parts of an iceberg. With typically only 1/9 of an iceberg above water, whatever you see is just the tip of everything that is there. This is exactly how productivity, priority, and purpose are related. What you see is determined by what you don’t.

 extraordinary results

Productivity is driven by purpose and priority.

The more productive people are, the more purpose and priority are pushing and driving them. With the additional outcome of profit, it’s the same for business. What’s visible to the public productivity and profit is always buoyed by the substance that serves as the company’s foundation purpose and priority. All businesspeople want productivity and profit, but too many fail to realise that the best path to attaining them is through purpose driven priority.

 extraordinary results

In business, profit and productivity are also driven by priority and purpose.

Personal productivity is the building block of all business profit. The two are inseparable. A business can’t have unproductive people yet magically still have an immensely profitable business. Great businesses are built one productive person at a time. And not surprisingly, the most productive people receive the greatest rewards from their businesses. Connecting purpose, priority, and productivity determines how high above the rest successful individuals and profitable businesses rise. Understanding this is at the core of producing extraordinary results.

*Adapted from a Book One Thing from Gary Keller.

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