I Don’t Have Enough Money Illusion

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Facebook started in a dorm room for nothing. Apple began in a garage with some spare computer parts. The lesson being: You don’t need millions in venture capital to build a Fortune 500 company. All you need is an IQ above 150 and an ego the size of an exo-planet.

Even if you don’t have those things, you can still launch a successful business for no money down. All it takes is hard work, dedication and, of course, the right idea. You supply the first two.

Do you dream of starting your own business, but don't think you have enough cash to get started? Think again. You don't need Venture Capitalist money or a wealthy family member (as Donald Trump had) to launch a successful company—resourcefulness and financial savvy can take your business far.

One of the biggest expenses for new business owners is leasing space, and you can save a lot of money upfront by not having to invest in that long-term overhead cost. For businesses that depend mostly on the internet, it's much easier to work out of your home — you can conduct your business online and have virtual meetings to collaborate or check in with other employees or customers.

“It’s a practical, down-to-earth approach to starting a business for someone who does not have much money to invest in a startup,” Reid says. “You can gain a lot of ground and reach your break-even point much more quickly if you are not burdened with the high startup costs and responsibilities of leasing commercial space.”

Even if your business isn’t an Internet startup, you can still work out of your home, but consider having a separate entrance for your office to keep your home life separate from your work life. A separate space will also appear more professional when you have clients visiting. Besides this, your costs of running an online business are minimal. You invest as much or as little as you would like.

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