Don’t let yourself get in your own way

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What's preventing you to let yourself grow and progress

“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” - Napoleon Hill

Now… The above quote of Napoleon relates to the next one:

“remember that the moment you reduce the statement of your desire, and a plan for its realization, to writing, you have actually taken the first of a series of steps, which will enable you to convert the thought into its physical counterpart.” Also from Mr. Hill.

Here's a video where I share some of my own experiences on focusing on goals and getting there. I had other experiences in my life where I gave up and quit... and that's because I have changed my focus on that definite goal.

Financial Independence - People don't get what they want, but what they subconsciously expect:

Just imagine:

Today I’m driving the last time to my work location and the first thing I do is to communicate to my supervisor that today is my last day in the company. I give him my two weeks notice… Today. Period.

Since I have two weeks vacation left, I use them all and I drive back home and sit in my chair in my own office.

I go online and book a full vacation package to a tropical island in the Caribbean… and the airplane takes off in a few hours.

I grab my wallet and a small case. I put few clothes in there and I drive to the Sea-Tac airport that is nearly an hour away from my house.

I can buy all I need in there: clothes and self-care items.

The story continues in the next article.

 Set your mind to a definite goal…

A goal is usually attached to what we think will take us there.

Sometimes we lose an opportunity, for instance, we apply for a greater pay job and we believe that that job will take us closer to one definite goal… then, for some reason we don’t get that job, maybe because we didn’t pass the interview.

Al of a sudden, because of this event, our definite goal starts fading and we get discouraged and we decide to turn off that dream, that goal. In a worst-case scenario, we deliberately refocus on the old-good-comfort-zone and forget about our dream.

Stop it…

The goal we have written, the one that started forming in our imagination, is separated from the “way to get there”.

The way to get there might be different than what we believe it could take us there.

Never… Never give up your goal. Sit your butt in that chair, close your eyes and see yourself doing, talking about, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling situations that are part of your ideal lifestyle.

Lock on your lifestyle creation in your mind and don’t worry about the ways to make it real.

Please remember: “Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.”

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Inspired by: My own experience through online marketing training.

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