Drilling Hands Must Vote the Crystal Clear Energy Choice – Donald J. Trump

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Drilling Hands Must Vote the Crystal Clear Energy Choice Donald J. Trump

  Based on the words and actions of Hillary Clinton, along with husband Bill Clinton, any citizen working / or laid off from the Drilling Industry must vote Trump. Fossil fuels have been targeted by the ambitions of Eco-extremist since 1990. Bill, using Executive Order #12852, created the first Council on Sustainable Development. The order was the United States’ agreement to meet the demands of the United Nations to implement totalitarian control over human existence Worldwide.

  American wealth has been used to fund the extreme environmental groups that seek the destruction of the fossil fuel industry. Billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent funding agencies to design policies and regulations that would dismantle fossil fuel usage. Using the debatable Global Warming scam, the Clintons, Al Gore, GE and other big businesses have created a web of deception to deplete the wealth of every American.

  On recent stump speeches by Hillary she shared the stage with Al Gore. Why would Al Gore, who was sold out by the Clintons, take to the stump with Hillary? No single citizen stands to profit more from the sale of carbon tax credits than Al Gore. Al Gore has peddled the Global Warming lie for nearly 3 decades. He has made millions selling his agenda. Americans have failed to recognize that Global Warming was debunked as false science, having been fabricated in the chambers of government and not in scientific laboratories. Thus we have the name change to Climate Change.  

 Drilling Hands Must Vote the Crystal Clear Energy Choice – Donald J. Trump

  Hillary Clinton will carry to completion the Climate Change / Renewable Energy agenda. Clinton’s stump speeches have often attacked Donald Trump for his attacks on Politicians advancing what he calls “the climate change hoax.” Clinton vows to cut greenhouse emissions by expanding renewable energy production 10-fold. Clinton does not tell voters about the huge $150 billion price tag of carrying out her mission.

  Drilling Hands know far more about this attack than any other group of Americans. Drilling Hands watched the entire Offshore Drilling Industry (Moratorium) shut down in the Gulf of Mexico with the stroke of a pen. Drilling Hands can speak to the expansion of regulations and agency controls placed on Drilling Contractors and Operators. The regulations have been expanded up to 4 times their size while cutting permits by up to 70%.

  Hillary and Bill are convicted liars. Hillary and Bill hold a single mission and that is to maintain power over the little people. At all cost they must and will not allow their agenda to be dismantled. Every American is witness to the propaganda Media, establishment Republicans, Barack Obama and his Democrat Party all joining forces to defeat Donald Trump.

  As our industry suffers with hundreds of thousands workers without jobs, can you trust Hillary Clinton to work for you? Hillary has a vision that does not include you.

  I am shifting into a new mindset while learning a new skill set, my place in the Digital World. Hillary Clinton is learning that the Digital World holds power that she has zero control over.

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