Dunoon Contract Begins

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We are now all set up and prepared to start the job in the Clyde. The weather was a little nippy with a chilling wind.  We all kitted up One man stayed by the on shore compressor the other four on the pontoon. We started to prepare the first block which fortunately was above sea level. we started with a rock drill going in from the top to the required depth. This is when we realised the blocks were reinforced concrete. This job was going to last longer than we anticipated. By the afternoon we hadn't made much headway and we were now in about 10 ft of water. We decided we would need a high pressure water jet on this job to try to chip away at the blocks. We had about 10 blocks to reduce in height and they were about 6 ft square.

undefined Water jetting under water

The jet works by sending water at high pressure through a small nozzle at the cutting end of the jet, typically in our instance about 1500 psi, the jet also released water out of the rear of the jet to equalize the pressure otherwise you would be pushed back off the job in hand by the nozzle pressure. A bit like in space and how a rocket would react. The link shows a modern day pressure jet and the power that these tools apply.


Life in Dunoon was entertaining, we listened to Stu Pot Stu most nights as well as playing pool in the bar area. There were also Plenty of girls to keep us entertained. The food in the hotel was on the whole good , we would have breakfast and go back for lunch. Most evenings we would eat in the indian restaurant as it was well with in our budget allowance for evening meals. 

The job was fairly monotonous the same thing each day and due to the conditions, tidal, shallow water and reinforced concrete things moved along fairly slowly. In addition we were on a day rate and Pete was having a cash flow problem and was always behind with our payments. It wasn't too bad as all board etc was paid for we just need enough to cover the bar bill. 

This routine went on for about 4 months and finally it was over. Homeward bound !!

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