Education of the future...

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Are we preparing our future generation correctly?

Who do we educate?

How quickly can we educate?

So let’s talk facts:

Global environmental change is going to affect the way we live in the next 50 years as we have damaged the environment in ways that are irreversible in the last 100 years.

Are we teaching about this?

In 20 years time, 50% jobs in america are going to be robotised meaning that as a race we need to find jobs for 50% of that population. What are they going to do? You might say that’s only america but when we look at how quickly things move now, that could be the world.

Are we teaching about this?

The world is in a political state of confusion, conflict and dissolution.

Are we teaching about this?

Technology advancement has changed the way we live on so many levels, BUT do we have a plan in the best way to use this?

Are we teaching about this?

We are giving our children these pieces of technology with no knowledge of the impact they are having for the future. Weather that maybe the physical side of having a screen in front of you or the actual information that they are so easily taking in.

Should we have a list of educational tools that we can give to our children that they can work though like a game that will give information that we think is relevant? Do we even know what that information looks like? Who and how should it be regulated? There are too many questions like this.

Are we teaching about this?

In work today we have an inbred mentality to fight against the next person because of fear, jealousy and insecurities. We don’t seem to be able to work together as well as we could.

If you look at ants, they work as a team to get the work done, have a strict structure that dictates what each and every individual's role is working together for the survival of their species.

Should we have this sort of mentality?

Are we teaching about this?

Our schooling structure hasn't changed for generations, we still sit in a classroom and be dictated to for a period of our life. Then at certain points we are tested to see how much we have retained. We know that this doesn’t work for all yet we don’t look over the system. Why?

Children see this world in a total different way, they feel and then they express most of the time without thought because that’s the most natural thing to do. Yet when we become an adult we are expected to do as we are told in our working life to help the owner of the company more than ourselves as they are paying us!

We have now programs on the television that show family groups in total destruction mode as the parents have not been taught how to look after there young.

We are now in a world with answers to questions in seconds for the masses. When I grew up this was not possible, at 16 I got a mobile phone that was a telephone with the capability of texting! Yet now we have a tactile touch screen that has everything from information, games, films, music, the list goes on and on and we give these pieces of material to our young to keep them amused with hardly any restriction!

The communication tooling and technological advancements that we have now are extremely dangerous if we don’t have a plan or even an idea of how to best use it. One of the problems is that it changes so quickly the chance of regulating such a thing is impossible, yet nothing is impossible!

Three things we can do to start a change?

Positive mental attitudes.

Lifestyle programing.

Sharing of knowledge.

We all have a duty of care in our life’s, most people feel as though they can’t make the change they would like, so they don’t. I asking you to have the confidence to be yourself and write down your ideas and changes that you would like to see for our future generations and together we can make it happen.

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Thank you for you time.

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