Entrepreneur Top 4 Secrets To Manage Time

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These are the top 4 secrets every entrepreneur must master in order to succeed.
If you're an entrepreneur the Internet can be a great way to make money. It can also be a huge distraction, wasting your time and your money!

Having an online business or being an entrepreneur of any kind comes with its own set of challenges. Time management is always a struggle for veterans and newbies alike.

We've all started the day with the intention of finishing our most important tasks yet somehow we get distracted. We do a thousand other things but not the things we're supposed to do.

As an entrepreneur you must focus
As an entrepreneur it's critical that you keep your mind and your actions focused on what is important or the day will get away from you.

Between Facebook, Pinterest, checking e-mail, reviewing our campaigns and doing all of the other things that are ‘important’ to your business it's very easy to get distracted with busy work instead of executing what must get done.  Here are four simple and effective time management tips that every successful entrepreneur, or for that matter business owner of any kind, uses daily to make sure they get the real work done.

Step 1: Prioritize Your Tasks
That sounds so simple right? But think about it, what gets done after working hours the most important or ‘not so important’ tasks? Usually the ‘not so important’ tasks. It’s these tasks that suck up your time and distract you from doing the important work that moves your business forward.

Prioritize your tasks every evening before you go to bed! Not all tasks are created equal. You've got to know your outcomes and which tasks are going to move you closer to it the fastest. Knowing this and staying focused on those tasks will greatly increase your productivity and improve your business.

Do you really need to see what somebody posted on Facebook or is it a priority to send that personal email? If not, don't do it!

Focus on your moneymaking tasks.

Step 2: Get Started Early
We all have the same number of hours in the day, 24.  So it doesn't matter what time you get up and get started right?


If you get up or get started late you have less available work time.  There are several studies that show people who got up at 6:30 in the morning or earlier are far more productive.

For those who like to stay up late it might be difficult to understand. But research and numbers don't lie.  The vast majority of successful entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds take advantage of many firsts and opportunities because they start their days earlier than other people.

Step 3: Trim Down Your To-Do List
Lists are great but they can cause overwhelmed if they're too long.  When your to-do list is too long it will create a feeling of overwhelm which leads to procrastination.  This becomes a vicious circle of inaction and lack of productivity.

When you follow the first step prioritizing your list you will already know what you have to get done. In this step determine what you can get done in the time that you have. It's vital that you're realistic and only put two to five items on the list for the day.

Even create a ‘to don't’ list where you place ideas that you want to come back to allow you to avoid the distraction of dealing with them when you should be doing other things.

Focus on the short list of high priorities for the day and execute those before anything else gets done that day.

Step 4: Entrepreneurs Review Their Work

Your business must show results. That's why we're in business right?  Results can be measured in many different ways; number of web page visits, number of new members on your list, number of emails opened it depends on what you're focused on at the moment.

If you're focused on getting more visitors to your site and you've been doing that consistently for two weeks with no results you obviously need to change what you're doing. The only way you'll know if it's working is if you track the results and review those results.

If writing blog post and syndicating them is not driving traffic you'll know that after you review your results.

By consistently tracking and reviewing your results either daily, weekly or monthly depending on your goals and priorities you will know what is working, what is not, where to focus your time and what to change.


Prioritize tasks - get started early - trim down your list to a realistic number and consistently review your work. When you take these actions every day you will have positive results over time.

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