Escape the 9 5 rat race

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Escape the 9 5 rat race

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, but you neither had the courage nor did you know what you will be doing without a regular income? Most of us feel this way when it comes down to quit our job. 

Why would you want to escape the 9 5 rat race anyway?

Perhaps you spend too much time with your corporate job and you feel like it is a never-ending work that you simply can not get away from. You have to get up early - sometimes even before your family or your partner wakes up - commute to work, spend 8 or 9 or 10 hours in the office, only to commute back again home. You do not want to miss an important moment in your life, like your child's birth, first smile, first steps, first day at school etc. Or simply, you want to spend more time with your hobby or friends, still have the energy to do whatever you really want. However, you need to financially free in order to do that so you can still meet your needs or even achieve your dreams. 

How would be the best to escape the 9 5 rat race?

In order to escape the 9 5 job, you would need to find an alternative way to source your income. Rather than going into a workplace each day and to exchange time for money, you could leverage the internet. Yes, more and more people these days use the internet these days in order to earn money and leave a free lifestyle so they could work anywhere they like. There is no time or place restriction, they only need a laptop and an internet connection and that's it. No more commuting, rushing and stressing at the workplace. And they can work wherever they like. Sounds good, right?

What are these internet business opportunities then?

Well, to put it simply, the choices are endless. You could become a freelancer and work for companies on a regular basis, selling your skill - for example, translating or copywriting - or just on an ad hoc basis. Also, you could start selling your own products to a group of people - your potential customers. This need you to have a stock of products and also have to take care of distribution, payment, customer service etc.

After researching the internet and what I found the best solution is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote a product or a service and you have a commission after each sale. For this, you do not need to have any physical product or dealing with the shipping, it is all taken care of for you. There is a great online marketing course that I am part of, called Six Figure Mentors. Their training program is the best out there and they have a step by step, module based system where they teach you of from scratch. 

If you are interested to try the Six Figure Mentors complimentary 7 days free video series, click here and enter your email address.  

I really hope that you've enjoyed reading my article - thank you for your time.

Karoly Molnar

Online Entrepreneur

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