Ethics and Values of a Successful Entrepreneur

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Are you unsatisfied with how much time you invest in your work for the amount you earn? In this article you will learn the important ethics and values of a successful entrepreneur.

It has never been this easy to find a job in today’s world. I don’t mean looking for an employer to hire you to commit your valuable time to benefit their pockets. With today’s vast technology and power of social media it is easy to create the work for yourself as a digital entrepreneur.  

Don’t let this fool you though as the work is easy to find or create but not easy to accomplish. Starting your own business in the online world is extremely profitable and allows for a very flexible lifestyle. However in the first few months or even few years it is a lot of work. There is a lot to learn in the world of digital marketing, here are:

7 Ethics and values of a successful entrepreneur

1) Follow Your Passion

When starting out in the world of online marketing you will be working a lot. Whether you have a lot of free time and spend 8-12 hours on your business a day, or you only have a few spare hours between your busy work schedule. Creating and growing your business around your passion will help keep you motivated to stick to it.

You will also know a lot more about your passion than any other niche. This will help you more with the next subject. This will help you to provide more value to your customers.

2) Provide Value

Gary Vee has a great method that he used to build his massive empire of a business. The jab, jab, jab, right hook. This is a boxing reference of course but in terms of business it refers to the value to sales ratio.

Whether you are writing blog posts, sending e-mails, or posting pictures and videos to social media you send value, value, and then more value BEFORE going for the sale. My e-mail subscribers get 3 or more VALUE based e-mails before I send them a sales pitch! Why is this so effective? It builds TRUST! Trust is what gets sales, not facts.

3) Know Your Market

You need to know exactly who your customers are. What are their issues? How can you help solve their issues? Research your competitors too, if they are successful what is it they are doing that you aren’t?

4) Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Be yourself

Mimicking what your competitors are doing can often work out well. Don’t fix what aint broke right? This is effective so long as you be yourself while you do it.

Show yourself to your potential customers, not a fake persona. Even if you’re just communicating through words, make those words your own. Building trust with your viewers and leads is the most important thing you can do to increase your sales.

5) Mindset

One thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is they have a never give up mindset. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires only one talent. That is the talent to fail 10,000 times without quitting. True failure only happens when you quit! Anything else you think is failure is just a LESSON to be learned. Adopt this mindset and you WILL see success.

6) Find a Mentor

The world of digital marketing is so vast. Sure you can definitely accomplish success on your own but finding a good mentor will get you to your goal MUCH faster with much less cost. A good mentor will teach you the best most profitable methods and which ones to ignore. Having someone to guide you through your business growth also helps keep you motivated and on track.

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7) Learn with a community

Many people who try to tackle the online marketing lifestyle often do it alone. They get lost and confused with the ridiculous amount of information on the internet. This is quite literally the biggest reason most people fail, give up and go back to working the 9-5.

I made this mistake myself with my first venture into online marketing. I started a dropshipping business in 2016 trying to sell Tungsten Rings and other types of jewellery.

Dropshipping is pretty huge in online marketing, it's creating an online store to sell products. You don't actually stock those products, when something is purchased from your shop you go straight to ali-express (a very cheap chinese wholesaler) and purchase the product, giving the shipping details of your customer instead of yourself. Essentially you are a middle man for the chinese wholesaler.

I spent nearly $10,000 on that business, most of it was ad revenue. I was following free tutorials from videos on YouTube from so called 'gurus' who made millions. I made only 1 sale!

I didn't let this slow me down or discourage me though. I started looking for a mentor. I needed the online lifestyle so bad! I found the perfect mentors and the perfect community.

Learning and working within a community of like-minded individuals is incredibly important for seeing success in digital marketing. If you are lost and don’t know where to look for one, the community I'm a part of is outstanding. You will find everything you need to learn about online marketing. The knowledge to teach you how to make money online AND the tools needed to do it.

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So there you have 7 Great Ethics and Values of a Successful Entrepreneur. Use this to help pave your path to success!

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