Your inside Drug – Speed Reading. Train your brain and be happier!

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Speed Read, improve your brain power! Chemical magic will happen as scientist found out. Yes, I learned it (basics) and must tell you – it works. ;)

Each of the participants of the weekend seminar I joined doubled their reading speed within ONE weekend already. If I had not been there and counted those words that I read in time myself, I would not have believed it. 

One of the fastest reader in the world ist Howard Berg reads 80 pages per minute. Per minute! 

The average untrained reader can read (and of course understand!) around 250 words/minute. But the actual fastest person in the world can take it to more than 4000 words/minute, Anne Jones. This lady was able to read Harry Potter in less than one hour! Respect. Chapeaux! She had a special training on top of speed reading.

Okay, I admit, I prefer to listen and learn while I do stuff. But reading is still essetntial in a clinic, each day there is hours of readinfg through mails, documents, postbox, patients files. Just to give some examples. How nice to get it done faster, what you cannot avoid! :)

Before I decided to go back to university age over 40, I prepared myself as good as I could. This "rusty old" brain has learned so much and knows how to remember things quite well, but: Medicine? Tests and exams every three months for the content of several books ... should I say, a library? Being aware that I would study with those very young little master brains, I felt, I better speed up and grab some more tools. Good idea that was, even though for scientific contents you have to slow down.

What helped me to get back to university, being twice as old as most of the fellow students?

A) I got myself a learning group immediately

B) The best digital learning tools (e.g. Amboss, lecturio online classes, found great Youtube channels)

C) A course for brain power and speed reading!

What is the advantage of speed reading really?

–Happiness created in your nerve cells: Overpowering your brain is different to overworking a muscle or bone. Your brain can only become tired and then ... goes into energy saving mode. It will not break like a ligament or bone. Whenever a limit is reached, some wonderful chemical comes into play: BDNF. Brain derived neurotrophic factor. It boosts your brain cells, makes them grow – and as a side effect, you get that little happiness inside. By the way: sport also rises BDNF and helps your old cells live longer plus the new ones being build. 

–Save your life time, have more fun instead of duties!

–Get the content of a book in a day or even hour (depends on the skill level)

–Grow your knowledge with fun instead of slow boredom

–Remind stuff even better as the attention at speed is higher, you learn better!

Let us stay inquisitive like children :)

My gratitude to Markus Friedrich for the picture.

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