Every Employee Should have a side Business

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Every Employee Should Have a Side Business

Every time I watch the news and read newpapers or watch You Tube videos, I usually notice how fast the job market is changing.

Sometimes these changes happen because of the digital era we live in as well as the cheap imports. Most ot the time, major companies are outsourcing some of the business activities at a lower cost.

As a result, the majority of employees around the world become victims of retrenchments.

In South Africa my government is running around like a headless chicken promising to buy poultry farms that were forced to close by the cheap chicken imports that are coming from EU countries.

Obviously, the Labour unions are up in arms because they have been trying to get the government create more trade protection measures.

However I do not see that happening any time soon, free trade is a way of life that's moving towards the future.

There are no guaranteed jobs any more, gone are the days of working for the same company for over thirty years and get a clock or certificate and a lousy retirement fund

The time for us to become entrepreneurs has arrived, with all the changes around us, I am afraid we have no choice but to learn how to run our businesses that are going to sustain us for many years to come.

Please take fifteen minutes of your time and watch the video below (Humans need not apply) and see how the technolgy is killing most of the jobs.

I hope it will add value into your life and help you to think more about your path in your career.

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