Excuse Me I want to scream!

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Have you experienced the desire to scream in a public place when the whole place is so quiet or lifeless? Not in a scary movie or at a naughty child - simply at a life scenario that is "screamworthy"! 

Here is a story that has inspired me to seek out alternatives, evaluate work and life, educate myself, grow as an individual and take these experiences to share, encourage and inspire others to take action, all of this during a recent commuter trip to the city.



The peak hour bus was full ... no seats left ... standing or crowding room only. At this point in time I was smiling to myself thinking – “Yep I love working from home”. During the trip to the city for a client visit that day I could not believe my eyes... All around me grey and lifeless people - enduring the daily commute to work as it are known in the current format for many – to the office. What a soulless way to live each day.  


These people appeared so miserable! It wasn’t even a Monday – thank goodness as I think the scream I had managed to trap would have escaped! You all look miserable – please find another way?


Needless to say, the journey lasted 40 minutes, way long enough to truly appreciate that in life there are choices. I challenge you to share the desire to scream in a scenario as I have described and once you have screamed, use that energy and drive to take action!

Be the one that stands out as I did in my (very) bright red coat and who no longer endures the commuter bus to work! 



Be Live Lifes Good


P.S. These are thoughts and opinions expressed by me viewing life through a different perspective! They are not to be interpreted as disrespectful.

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