Faith And Belief

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Here I am in 2000 July 19th and my first day in the company I had bought. I had, in the previous 12 month's, used faith cards and visualised each day, along the following lines;

"Infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind lead's, guides and reveals to me the power of my subconscious mind. I am rich, happy and succesful. Money flows to me freely, copiously and endlessly, I am forever conscious of my true worth, I give of my talents freely and I am wonderfully blessed financially. It is wonderful." 

I would repeat the above day in and day out.

So what were the results:
  • My own business
  • Growing and profitable
  • A cash business so collecting 2-3000 per day in cash
  • Holidays abroad
  • Plenty of disposable income
  • In 2008 the company grew bigger and more money

This was over a period of 12 years. We also sold the house we built , the profit was 400,000, we bought another and developed it and we have it up for sale today, with a profit of 600,000. Bear in mind, my education was just ok, I had passed a few exams , nothing that would impress anyone. I thought I was just average. Until I learned The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

However, I still used faith cards and decided to change what I wanted. 
  • More time with my family
  • Holidays abroad
  • Not working 50 hours per week
  • Far more income than we were receiving
  • No stress
  • No staff
Here's what happened:

The market I was in became very tough and I wanted to develop sales to on line. Why ? Because I wanted an easier life, no warehouse, no transport and defiantly no staff, these thoughts were a big part of my focus. Well on the 25th January this year, I called in the administrators and closed my company. This was a really hard thing to do but my intuition was so strong I did it anyway, I listened to my intuition.

I don't work 50 hours  week. I work from home, I spend time with my family, I have no stress and I am really enjoying life. Exactly what I asked for. However, I knew I still had a purpose, we all do, it's up to us to decide wether to change our life and look for that purpose.

Well the next thing that happened I found a Videos series , they that explained all I was looking for, could be available to me. In short an on line business, Remember I wanted to sell on line. Well I am now learning how to do this. You may not believe this journey that's up to you. All I know is it's working for me.

  • I wanted an online business
  • I had desire for more
  • I knew from past experience opportunities would present themselve
  • I took the opportunity's
  • I was hungry to achieve my goals

If you are interested to find out more of what I am doing, perhaps you want more and not sure what it is , just remember The Law Of Attraction, I believe in this and I have proved it through my life time and time again. 

Please click the link if you want to find your opportunity like I did: 

If you want to follow the rest of my journey I will be posting each day, I hope you find my journey interesting please comment and share

 I am now happy and fulfilled achieving my purpose, I have a property business and an online business. I have learnt to serve others ( as I hope I am doing now ) respect others for what they are trying to achieve no matter how big or small their ambition. I work on my attitude each day and look to help anyone I can on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, please share like or comment.

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