Fear: Seek the Unknown


Every human being has faced fear and has had or will have an experience with one. Everybody has a place for fear, and that places in the human mind.

The fastest way to an overcome fear, be it from failure, humiliation, mistakes, is to take the first step. Is to take that step no matter whether I feel good or bad, if it’s cold or hot, no matter if I’m scared, no matter if it is a weekend. I do not care. I do it today. I do not need to feel good, to begin to do anything. I make myself better by getting started.

The ability to get going into the action, the ability to make the first step, will move me from where I am now to where I am want to be. How often I find myself in an already familiar path, which is already known to me? And how often do I give into the way that I do not know? I do this only because it is comfortable, it is already familiar to me and takes much less effort than the alternative, but this way will never give me the reward or as much satisfaction as the path less traveled. If I want to make my own way to success, there will surely be many areas that I don’t know and I won’t want to know and face. But anyway, I work in spite of fear or with fear and I have the desire to embark into the unknown. I am going down an unknown path. I will be exposed to the best possible offer: recognition and awareness. I can only recognize these two on a path I have not taken before. I never come to an awareness on an already know path.

I do not allow fear to hold me back. I allow myself to travel, faced with it, it’s nothing more than fear. In a field which is new to me,  to which I don’t dare to step on, but I do nevertheless, and I see fear losing its power.  The field gets familiar and the fear starts to fade. I did not get rid of it, that fear still exists, I am still faced with it.  We will meet again and again in unknown areas. I don’t want to get rid of it, I just want to work despite the creeps. It cannot do more than scare. There is nothing more, only fear.

undefinedStart training yourself by saying: I can be fearful but I can do it anyway. I don’t have to get rid of the fear. I just have to dance with it.

Train yourself to do it anyway, and you will have the freedom most people will never have.

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