Fears You Can Overcome

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There are fears you can overcome on your entrepreneurial path. 

To step out on faith with no guidance or direction only faith is the pure beauty of entrepreneurship. There is no right way to reach your perception of success, it is your journey you must find what works for you. Listen and follow those who have gone through the trenches but always follow your gut and what works for you. Only you will know, so be in tune with your being. 

The journey of an entrepreneur is not any easy path, sometimes there is no path and it must be created. This alone is a fear, along with many others. I am going to share with my path, my journey and I hope you are able to learn and create your journey and path. The best is yet to come!!! 

These were and sometimes are the fears I continue to overcome on my entrepreneurial path. Fears You Can Overcome:

1. Failure: I was terrified of failing on something I didn't even know how to start. I could not see what lessons there are to be learned. New Thinking: The only failure I can not grow from is staying in a job I am not happy with giving so much of myself and not being paid what my service is worth. I will learn from my failures and grow from them to make me a better person tomorrow. 

2. Inadequacy: I had no business education, I did not have anyone in my circle who even wanted to work for themselves and live a non-conforming life. New Thinking: I will dedicate time to learning, I started to seek, ask and eventually found and continue finding as long as I continue asking and searching. 

3. Poverty: I was scared of being more broke than I already was and not being able to live the life I wanted to. New Thinking: I am not my current situation this is only part of my journey my goal is worth my current poverty but it is not forever. I reinvested every dime into my business and focused on my goals and dreams.

4. Humiliation: I had to move in with my parents because I was laid off from my job at the age of 37. I felt like I would be ridiculed by many behind my back. New Thinking: I started listening to positive audio, watched positive and motivational videos on youtube I read positive, leadership and motivational books. I told very few my goals, plans, and visions I shared only with those who supported me. 

5. Separation: I had the fear of losing everything and everyone because I was so focused on my path to success. New Thinking: Those who are around supporting me, lifting me up and praising me are the only ones that matter. 

6. Success: With more success comes more responsibility. I was scared of the "what if's" and will I be able to handle them. New Thinking: I remind myself of all the small things I did not know how I would accomplish and I figured a way to reach them and sometimes create them. 

You are the highest creation of the universe. Everything you need to reach your goals are within you! Go out and conquer your fears! Say to yourself Fears You Can Overcome!!!!

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Freedom Lyfestyles

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