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Women are often mocked when they step out of the house to work. More so when they say no to conventional working environments and enter the field of entrepreneurship. However, there is a long list of successful women entrepreneurs which keeps on growing by the day. The common man thinking is that woman lack basic leadership skills and hence cannot run an organization with a partnership.

However, contrary to this ill- conceived belief, modern woman entrepreneurs have broken all stereotypes in this regard. There are many out there who have set up a successful company which not only is run by women, but also coach leadership to many leading fortune 500 companies and their executives. Such partnership based ventures are a testimony to the real power of partnership. This content would shed light on some of the benefits of having a business partner as an entrepreneur.          

Brain Storming

It can be easily said that two heads are better than one. You can always take your idea to your partner and let her give you advice as sometimes you feel your idea has no loopholes. Having a business partner gives you a virtual sounding board to bounce ideas off and provides a sincere source of feedback.

Finance partner

You have more fiscal input when more than one person is adding the finance value to a company. Similarly, the return earning coming back into the business is more than coming from one person alone. Moreover, when the money of two people is at stake, more precaution is taken while using and investing the money.


You always have the option of growing your business and at times number of partners as well. Adding high caliber employees to the core team can increase value and commitment to your company. Moreover, adding partner’s gives you added amount of finance that is injected into your business.It's mean also met the missing piece of the puzzle.

A friend

Since you are in the same boat for all kinds of weathers be it smooth or rough, you develop a bond. This bond is ever so important in running a company based on partnership. You can always rely on the advice of your partner and go to her when things are not going your way in your business or personal life.

Brother or Sisterhood

As a trusting hear, you have an inbuilt quality of making a partnership bond with others. This bond holds your head high when old society gives you trouble for standing up against the norms. Having a person who can relate to your problems may be the best thing in your organization.   

Limited external pressures

With a board of directors not breathing down your neck you can have a limited amount of external pressures on you and your partnership. Your decisions can be your own decisions without anyone telling you if this could be done or not. This may be seen as a disadvantage but you started off against the wall, you better fight with all you have later too.

Tax benefits

 A business owned by a partnership is not subject to taxation per the IRS. This ensures maximum dividends at the end of your fiscal period. The owner is taxed on his profit alone and the business overall is not taxed. Therefore, a partnership has more financial benefits than it is believed.

So good luck and remember never stop believe.

Jean Laguerre



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