Free advise for your own Website business

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Free advise for Your own Website business

Getting on line

There are many ways to your first online Website business and many different companie to help you along the way. For most people cost is the deciding factor, how much will you need to spend to make your Website stand out allowing you to reach your target audience.


Do you have a product to sell. This can be anything from an actual product eg; a radio to information or educational products, also webinars are becoing more and more popular , What is your niche?

Name your website

This is a very important step when creating a website business.  Try and come up with a name that can be easily remembered and reflects your business. A name that’s catchy is a good start. Something with punch and not too long or overly complicated. Spend time on this, ask others to come up with ideas. If for example you make pies come up with a name that's somehow pie related, eg: ‘Suprising Pies’. Time to let the creative juices flow! Don’t forget you extension,  .com for example this is crucial in the ranking pages. 


Your new Website is the window to your online business. Make sure your content is clear and concise. Be absolutely sure about what it is you are trying to do with your business. Do you have offers? do you have value added products, is you shopping basket and payment method clear and easy to use? Offer something in the way of free advise –How to guide, or in the case of the pie shop, a recipe to follow, or perhaps ideas on how to get the best from the product. Be bold, be creative.

Repeat business

You have an oportunity to create customer loyalty, don’t waste it. Engage with them, ask for feedback. Returning customers are the key to success. Keep the site fresh, add new ideas and products. Use the data base to inform them of up-coming events. If you are appering at a product show let them know. Encourage interaction.


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