Get Rid Of Procrastination Once And For All

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There is no way to hide the fact that we all have some level of procrastination within ourselves, some people have too much while others have little, therefore everyone has some kind of inner demon, preventing them to do simple tasks like getting dressed, cooking or exercise. For explanation purposes on how to get rid of procrastination once and for all, I`m gonna use the analogy of someone doing a phone call to a friend and go in depth on the levels of procrastination.

The Perfectionist

It`s time to make that phone call and the perfectionist`s mind is saying: "well, let me make sure I use the right words, let me write the script first and that I have the right position on the chair before the call."

The Lazy One

This is the type o person who refuses to do the phone call just because he`s lazy... "hum, I do it some other time, I don`t feel like right now, it`s ok."

The Futurist

Before even attempting to get on the phone, the unconscious mind of the futurist is ringing: "maybe I shouldn't do the phone call, what`s my friend gonna think if I call him at this time?" 

Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! - Thomas Jefferson

The Idiot

Ready to make the phone call and suddenly, the idiot`s mind goes like: "I don`t know how to work with this cell phone, I need to read 1000 books about programming before doing it."

The Bad Listener

The bad listener has the phone on his hand and his girlfriend tells him: "why do you want to call your friend, studies say it`s no good to be on the phone for too long, just skype him, it`s more engaging... or even better tweet him!"

The Hopper

This is the type of person who doesn`t commit to the task just because he`s bouncing around... "maybe this communications company is no good, I`m better off with another one, that`s why I don`t call my friend, probably the cell phone companies are not compatible."

The examples I gave you may be a little bit exaggerated, but this is very similar to what happens in our daily routines, executing simple tasks may seem like a big challenge and it`s not. Think about a squirrel before climbing a tree, the animal is not thinking about falling down, he moves so fast that there is no time for procrastination, he just executes and that`s exactly the way you cure procrastination, by thinking like a squirrel. 

Fear is fed by the time you wait to do something, as soon as your inner demons start to find ways to prevent you from executing simple tasks, your best response is to do that thing immediately, without extending the time between your thinking and your actions.

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