Gratitude and Happiness as Ingredients for success

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I grew up hearing a lot about this statement "money brings happiness". While there is an element of truth in that statement, in its entirety that is not the truth. We all know that a half-truth cannot be said to be the truth; it's a lie.

This blog is not about absolutes, neither is it about me trying to indoctrinate you with a life philosophy.

I am a strong believer in individual freedom and self determination. Every individual has got their own 'mojo' and disposition which pulls them or pushes them towards their desired goal. We are all different!

There are even some high achievers who are driven by the "money buys happiness" mantra, whilst there are others who trust that "happiness makes success".

Having said that, there is also a group who do not fall into any of the two and who seem to wander aimlessly through this life.They are neither hot nor cold. I want to address them by reminding them that, "If you don't stand up for something you believe in, you will fall for anything". This group which is poddling through life with no sense of purpose, they end up having nothing to show in terms accomplishments, with no Money nor happiness.

Live life on purpose and be intentional about success. You can start by being grateful with each step and stage of your life. Go through life being happier and grateful, not to just endure the journey. Enjoy it, your success needs you.

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