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Hate your corporate job and wanna start a business online?

That's how I felt, many times. Company after company. I just felt I wanted to escape that office...it felt like a trap.

I saw life passing by the window, my enthusiasm going down and most of my salary go to my landlord. And let's be precise here, I always had roommates. In the beginning, I liked having people around the apartment. I didn't like the idea of coming back home and feeling dead silence. I am a very social person and I wanted to exchange some interesting conversations, crack a joke and maybe go out together during the weekend. But then when I was 32, I had enough of roommates, I wanted my own place. I could afford it, but I wouldn't have any money left to live a good life.
Feel me?


I graduated from my masters in 2009 from one of the top business school in the world. I'm not rich but I was always committed and ambitious about my life and my career. I worked hard to get into a good college expecting to live a good life after my graduation. I really thought I deserved it, but it seemed like society wasn't feeling the same way...

I lived in Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

Pretty cool ah? Yes it was, from 24 to 32.

8 years of interesting lifestyle, studying and working abroad with all the pros that come with it: Parties, girls, trips, fun, joy, new friends and new experiences.

I felt alive.

During those 8 years, the best ones were certainly the "studying" years, the "working" ones were still fun, but just during the weekend. And with rent going higher and higher in bigger cities like Los Angeles it became more and more unsustainable.

Not in the immediate, I was doing fine. Sharing an apartment with roommates, but how about the future? You are probably asking the same questions I was asking myself:

When will I be able to buy my own apartment/house with these prices?

How can I build a family and be able to financially support my kids one day?

Let's be honest. I did the math and to be able to live decently in a big city (not in the outskirts) a family of 4 needs at least $200,000 per year. Probably more...

Do you know a lot of jobs that can pay you that amount of money?

And even if you are paid that amount of money, how much time and struggle will it take to get there. And more importantly, would that be THE REAL YOU?


Let me ask you a couple of questions:

Do you ever feel trapped in your corporate office?

Do you feel like there must be more than just that?

Did you have higher expectations?

I did. And during my working hours, I just wasn't my real self. I felt I had to wear a mask.
Other people seemed to be ok with it there. But I wanted more. I wanted a real life. An ok-so-so life wasn't enough.


I started to realize that if I wanted I way out I had to build a profitable business online. I learned for years how to do that, during work hours and after work sometimes.

Self-improvement books and seminars? You name it.

I am doing an Anthony Robbins coaching program right now, it's called "The Edge". Great stuff.

And how about the "4 hours work week" by Timothy Ferriss. Genius. Yet I was still in the same position.

Just reading something won't change much.

So I built about 5 good looking websites with Wordpress over the years but I didn't have the right training to monetize it.

Trapped again.

I don't like working in a corporate environment but I can't make my online business work. Great.



I found this guy, on the Internet, called Stuart. In the beginning, it seemed like all the other people advertising on Facebook and Youtube on how to build a business online. But there was something about his persona and what he was saying that resonated with me.
I connected with him and I started watching his free 7 video series.
What the hell, it's just 7 videos and they are free. Right?

S%it I said, no wonder why my website didn't make any money. I didn't even have the basics and I didn't have a system! I am a business graduate but they don't teach you this kind of stuff in business schools.

Let's be honest, out of all the stuff you learned in college, how much do you really use in your work?


I felt I could have just jumped from high school to my first job and save money and time. Even though what I learned in college was amazing and seemed really insightful, for some reason I didn't really apply it to any of my corporate jobs. 

Anyway, I am here to tell you that there is a way out. It's not Magic. Indeed, it will take some time and some patience. It's not a get rich scheme, but I feel it's definitely worth it.

I am not a millionaire yet and I am not a business guru, but I saw the potential of this thing...I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe it's time to live on your terms, don't you think? So here are the 7 free video series on how to build a profitable business online from scratch.

If you're interested in that, I would love to hear from you. Please let me know how it goes man.

All the best.

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Hate your corporate job and wanna start a business online?

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