Have A Plan

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undefinedWhen we go on a vacation we sit down and figure out every small detail for our trip.  First, we look at how much we have to spend on for our trip.  Based upon our finances we decide where we can vacation.  We find accommodations within our budget.  We choose activities that we want to participate in while on vacation.  We even factor in dining cost.  No detail is left unnoticed.

Unfortunately, most people do not take as much care when planning the most important journey they that we all will ever take; our life.  Most people do not spend any time with themselves to learn what exactly it is they want to do with and in their lives.  We don't know exactly how much money we want to earn to live the lifestyle that we desire to live (lifestyle is dictated by income).  We don't know where we want to live, what we would really love to do to earn an income.  Most people usually leave all of those areas of their life to chance.                 

My first job upon graduating from high school was a merchant seaman. Every ship that I worked aboard had a schedule of all of the ports that it would travel to, the exact date that the ship would be in each port, and how long the ship would be at that port.  Interesting that a company can be that detailed about a ship but most people aren't that detailed about their life.

If you don't have a plan make a plan.  Sit with yourself and figure out where would you like to live.  What would your home look like; where would it be (city, state, country).  What kind of work would you love to perform every day, and enjoy, that would earn the amount of money that would allow you to live where you want to live and live the lifestyle that you want to live.  Now you are on the road to going where you want to go.

Believe me, I know from experience that a ship without an itinerary does not accidentally drift into some fun and exciting port.  A ship without a travel plan will either drift aimlessly out at sea, run-aground or sink.  There is a saying that I definitely believe to be true "If you don't know where you are going, you will wind-up anywhere". (Jail, homeless, unemployed etc.)

Make a plan, stick with the plan, and you have a better chance of living your dream. :)


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