Have faith and get what you want


Every time you have an idea, a desire, a dream or a wish to change something in your life, you sow a seed in your mind. You sow a seed that has the potential to grow big if you have faith and get what you want, and don't kill it with doubt or fear.

You kill your dreams with thoughts like "What if...", "I really want to, BUT...", "...I can't afford it". We put our seeds in bad soil, with conditions (=thoughts) that won't allow your seed to grow. These thoughts result in contradictory and mixed emotions, that sends out vibrations opposite to the positive vibrations of your dream. And you will not be able to attract your dream.

Have faith like nature

When you look around in nature now in the spring you see all kinds of plants popping up from the dark soil. The seeds have been hiding for over 6 months preparing to reveal itself at the right time when the conditions are right. 


We never doubt that the grass will grow and flowers will appear when the winter is over.

We KNOW and trust that when the time is right the plant will grow and show its beauty.

Even when we can't see it yet in the dark soil, we have faith and know that the spring is coming, the sun will rise and the trees will turn green.

Have faith in your dreams

In the same way, you must trust and have faith that your seeds, your dreams and desires will appear. Just KNOW it! Even when you can't see them yet, while they are vibrationally preparing itself in your soil, your mind, your surroundings. Have faith it will come. You can't sow a seed and expect it to reveal itself at once. In the process of becoming, it is extremely important to give time, be patient, have faith and trust the becoming, because these good feelings will nourish the seed to grow.

Doubt won't! Every time you feel doubt and fear you will STOP or SLOW the growing process of your dream.

Enjoy the process

Enjoy every single step to your goal. The expectation of the plant to reveal itself, the first breaking through the soil, the first leaves, the growing leaves, the flowers appearing, and then the sweet delicious fruits. Then the leaves turn into beautiful red and orange before they fall, and new seeds are spread into the ground before the winter comes, to prepare for the next growing dream and the next harvest.

Your path to your dreams is all a continual creating process. You can't expect the seed to reveal a cucumber in the first week. Enjoy and acknowledge the small steps you accomplish on your way to your dream. They are all important.

Appreciate every little step

Know and have faith that your dreams and thoughts you have spread in the soil will appear and come true at the right time. Prepare the soil with good expectations and feelings of satisfaction, gratitude and joy along the way. Be appreciative of every little step on the way. Gratitude and appreciation will make your dream grow into a beautiful plant. 

My faith is creating my path

In my life with kids who have several diagnoses, and many strains around me causing stress, it has been a real game changer to me to realize how important and powerful my focus on faith and trust is. I have learned to cope with difficulties and are enjoying and creating a good life despite my conditions and learned not to let the strains, fear and doubt take over.

I am so incredibly grateful that this community I found has helped me a lot to find myself and given me tools I can use every day. Also, it is helping me create my balanced life with FREEDOM in a business I desire and gives me more TIME for my family and everything I love.

Perhaps you are seeking a business that is more in alignment with your dreams too? What I found was a Video-Series that you might enjoy as well and could possibly inspire you to start your own journey to YOUR LIFE IN BALANCE and alignment with your inner desires. You will find a link to the Video-Series below. I hope you enjoy it :-)

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