How Does RAM Improve Computer Performance?

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RAM stands for Random-access memory. It is a piece of hardware just like a CD or a USB drive that stores the information on your computer.


When you buy a new PC or laptop, it has a certain amount of RAM already installed – it is considered a primary storage device for that reason. You can purchase an external hard drive as a secondary source of storage if your RAM hits capacity.

Instead of spending the money on secondary storage, consider what starting with or adding more RAM can do for you. It might cost more upfront, but the benefits have outweighed the cost in most cases.

Your computer can handle more software  

The RAM in your computer will access memory as fast as it can. If you’ve ever had software crash on you, your computer is probably working too hard to use it. It relies on RAM to read and write information to perform each action it takes.

Think about the relationship between RAM and your computer as the same relationship you have with a stranger. If you both speak the same language (because you’ve both stored the same linguistic information), you’ll be able to communicate a lot more effectively. However, if you’re trying to have a conversation with someone from a different country or culture, it’s going to take a lot longer to get to the point.

That’s why you don’t see graphic designers working on a “generic” laptop – they need a computer with enough RAM to sustain major programs like Adobe Photoshop.  

Your internet speed will increase

You internet performance will increase, just like your ability to run software did. You won’t get as much lag time in-between when you click on a link and actually reach your destination. If you’re working on a Mac, having more RAM can save you the unpleasant experience of seeing the rainbow spinning wheel that symbolizes a failed connection that’s forever trying.

undefinedWith this new-found internet speed, you’ll be able to load interactive web content through Flash. That’s why when you go to download Flash you are advised of specific computer requirements needed to make it run. Some internet browsers will prompt you to download Flash if your computer thinks it will slow down web surfing.

Upgraded operating systems

Modern computers are pumping out higher quality games and applications. Using old software and hardware will prevent you from being able to utilize this new entertainment at your fingertips. New computers typically come with the RAM needed to run built-in programs like the basic video player you are given. Once you start making upgrades to these games and applications you might not have as much success running them smoothly. Starting out with “just enough” won’t be enough when you want more – and we always want more.

Storage space

The very reason RAM exists is to store information on your computer. Although there is no magic number in gigabytes (GB), because everyone has their own needs, more is always better. You might get into a situation where you are suddenly storing a lot of files on your personal or work computer, such as photos, contacts, and shared documents. Without the right hardware inside your computer, it will hit a wall (much like our short-term memory) where it just can’t hold any more information.

To sum it all up, more RAM will give you a product that runs faster, works smarter and gives your computer the memory it needs to evolve.  

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