How Sales Representatives Deal with Rejection

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In this article we are going to deal with Rejection.  As Sales people we deal with rejection more than other profession.   Learning how to see a no as a positive is a skill that all successful sales people must have.  In this article we will cover.


.  They are not saying no to you

.  Every No is still money in your bank account

.  Even heroes fail sometimes

.  Except that not everyone is going to like you


.  They are no saying no to you

They are saying no to the product or service you offer not you.  Don’t let your ego get in the way what is happening, it is not personnel.


.  Every no is still money in your bank account

Every no is one step closer to a yes.  The trick is to get the yes’s more frequently.   Let’s see this a numbers game.  Follow the formula below

  • Numbers of appointments in a week.  For this example, let’s use 12
  • What’s your average conversion rate. For this example, let’s use 1 in 3.
  • Divide 12 by 3. This will give you 4 sales a week.
  • What’s your average commission per sale. For this example, let’s use average order value (aov) of £3000.  Let’s use 10% commission so £300.  This Means you would have earned £1200 in the week.
  • Now divide 1200 by 12. This equals £100.
  • That means every appointment is worth £100.  Do you feel better now?


. Even Heroes Fail Sometimes

My favourite is to visualize myself as Indiana Jones.  When I look out in the morning to the opportunity in front me.  I visualize myself with my hat whip and leather jacket.  Out there some where is gold nuggets.  The only problem is I don’t know and just like all good treasure hunters I got to find them.  Now that is where the adventure begins.  What Hero will you be?


.  Except that not everyone is going to like you

It is what it says on the tin.  Not everyone in this world is going to like you, and you are not going to like everyone you meet.  It happens just except it for what it is.  You are with them for short period of time you’re not going to live with them.  How do you deal with rejection?

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