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How to avoid cold calling anxiety and enjoy your job again - During my job career, I have been a sales person for 4 years. And very honestly, for the most part, I didn't like it.

Cold-calling on the phone, walking in places as a stranger trying to sell something, it can feel quite uncomfortable. Give me a silence nod if you know what I'm talking about. But that's the job you have to do, so how can you make it more enjoyable?

Let me start by saying that I am not a natural salesman, I don't have that attitude but due to the recession and the job opportunities that I had at the time, I had to adapt. 

I deeply felt I deserved a better position inside the company because I have a Master Degree in Marketing Management from a great school and my expectations were very different.

BUT when the recession hit hard, that's what a lot of companies were looking for.
If you graduated right after the financial crises, I think you know what I am talking about...


There I was. Oh man, so many times I didn't want to "knock on that door". Presenting myself out of nowhere, trying to sell something.

As a salesman, I worked in the coffee business in Sydney, Australia and in high end "Made in Italy" furniture business in Los Angeles.

My job was to find new clients in the architect and interior design community in LA, because after the recession people weren't coming to my company anymore, so we had to physically get out there to do business.

I guess, you gotta roll with the punches right?. Even if sometimes it gets really frustrating, I think there's always something valuable that we can learn out of an undesired situation.

I wasn't a fan of cold calling people from the phone (even though it worked a lot better than sending emails), therefore I decided to personally walk in new studios and introduce myself.
I like walking and I like talking to people and to me that's always better than being stuck in an office all day in front of a computer.


This is a big one, it completely changed my attitude. I didn't read it anywhere, fortunately, it just came to me.
I noticed that when I would walk in a new studio with the mindset of "I am here to help you with your projects because I know we have some amazing products from Italy that you'll probably love" I felt a lot more relaxed about my job.

I didn't have to lie to myself, it was all true. My company was selling some amazing products. The problem was that our prices were high and consumer education about the product was low, so they didn't understand why they would need to pay a premium price for our products if the could get something similar from China for a much better price.

Apart from that, walking in with this mindset, made me feel a lot more relaxed about what I was doing. My intentions were genuine and I didn't feel the pressure I was feeling before when I felt I had to "sell". Consequently, my body language was much more relaxed and I was genuinely trying to help architects and interior designers to make their job easier and their project beautiful.

I would clearly state that.


"Hi, my name is .... and I work for..., an Italian manufacturer of ..., I was here in the area today and I thought of stopping by to introduce myself and bring you a brochure to show you our products."

This was my script. Simple, quick, easy to remember.

At this point, I had two scenarios opening up in front of me. If the person at the front desk didn't call any architect to come and meet me, I would just say:

"By the way, is it possible to have the contact of the person in charge of product presentations?"

My goal was to schedule a product presentation or lunch and learn to show my company's products.

95% of the times they would give me his/her contact. That allowed me to follow up with that person and progress with the sale.

If instead, the person at the front desk would call someone to come and meet me right there on the spot, I would give him/her our company brochure and as they would flip through it I would tell them very clearly.


"Nice to meet you. I am here to help out, my job is to MAKE YOUR JOB easier so you can come up with some amazing projects for your clients. So if you need anything or if you have any questions, EVEN if you don't use our products, I would love to help you out because we have a lot of knowledge in our field. Are you working on any projects where you could be using our products?"

That's it.

Anxiety almost completely disappeared, very little awkwardness, I wasn't hating my job on a daily basis and I didn't think life was unfair anymore.
I was enjoying my days a lot more and ultimately I WAS HAPPIER.
I found a simple yet very effective way for me to feel better about an undesired situation with a simple shift in mindset.

I am sure there are other very useful ways out there to be a better salesman and reduce anxiety but this is the best one I know and it comes directly from my experience and IT WORKS.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it gave you a solution to a challenge that you may be going through right now and let me just finish by saying that I KNOW that if you try this it will REALLY help you out and make your life easier.

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Good luck man.

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How to avoid cold calling anxiety and enjoy your job again

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