How To Boost Your Willpower And Determination

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In life, you always have to find ways to boost your willpower and determination as all kinds of temptations are constantly testing you. These traits are often related to things that require inner strength but are also critical abilities which are needed in all walks of life, and worth improving.

Do you often feel like realizing an idea but put it off until a later time? Do you begin doing things but then quit after a while? Do you have the desire to change some habits but you lack the necessary inner power to do so?

There are numerous things that I have begun in my life but quit the moment it did not work out, to then move on to something else. Some situations, relationships, and jobs were worth sticking with but my willpower and determination at the time had depleted, or temptation had taken over.

So how can you be successful, if you keep changing your objectives or let your mind be inconsistent? How many times have you tried to avoid temptations such as sugar cravings, smoking habits, lust or even something simple as sleeping late, but you did not have enough self-discipline and persistence?

Strong willpower and great determination give you the option to decide on which reaction to have and provide you with the choice to shift to positive habits. These qualities make you feel more confident, more resilient and in control of yourself and your life.

The law of attraction states that imagination is more useful than strength of will and that what you visualize over and over again, sooner or later, influences your subconscious mind which in turn makes a new habit. It is very accurate; however, when you have willpower and resolve, you can control your mind to imagine or think whatever you want it to.

Therefore, by strengthening and having further self-control and determination, you can lead your imagination in the direction of your desires. Such self-will can help you focus your mind on your objective and stick with it. This way, there is no chance to be distracted or sidetracked.

The Meaning of these Two Skills

Many people frequently misunderstand these two behaviors. It is mistakenly thought that to improve them; it is necessary to make significant efforts and stresses, both mental and physical. It is far away from the truth. You can boost and improve these skills through very simple drills, and you might even like some of the methods.

The Meaning of willpower is, in short, the cure to being lazy and procrastinating. It is the capacity to make a decision and follow through with persistence until your goal is reached. It is the inner strength that controls or pushes away needless or damaging desires, as well as allowing you to refuse to indulge in unproductive or useless habits.

The best description of determination is that it is willpower’s sidekick. It is tenacity in action, and it gives you the capacity to cast-off instant gratification, desire or relief, for you to achieve something even better, but it involves more time and effort. It provides you with the endurance to continue with whatever you are trying to accomplish as well as with the power to endure any adversities or struggles.

Each of us has the willpower instinct as Kelly McGonigal presents it in a Google talk.

How to Increase Your Willpower

So how do you strengthen your inner strength and determination? Well, an efficient method is to do things you do not want to do; you know the ones you rather avoid doing because of procrastination, reticence, or whatever reasons you have.

You are getting stronger when you take such actions, despite your unwillingness to do so. Just like muscles, these abilities are reinforced by over standing internal resistance. You have to do things differently rather than in the same way. You have to be resourceful by creating new ways of doing things each day and replacing your usual routine.

Just as when you build muscle in a fitness club, you have to give your body some time to rest. The same must be applied for willpower. While practicing self-discipline is a huge way to boost your inner strength, you have to take a break at times, or you will deplete your determination.

Alternating between what is called the comfort zone and out into the stretch zone which is pushing yourself a little more beyond your limits is an excellent method to increase your performance. Here are a few methods to improve your willpower.

Imagine Something Different

You could teach yourself to imagine something else. Each time that a negative temptation starts to point its nose in your mind, think about something positive and pleasant instead. It will put you in control of your thoughts.

Do not underestimate this unusual method. With it, you can resist many feelings and desires by distracting yourself or by doing something else, such as closing your eyes, putting some music on, or walking away from it.

Use Your Creative Mind

Visualization through your creative mind is a powerful practice to increase willpower and determination. Your mind and body often believe and reacts positively to make-believe circumstances in the same way it reacts to real experiences.

If you can imagine yourself being on a green mountain slope, listening to the gentle breeze flowing between the tree leaves and hearing the birds chirping away, your body and mind will respond by becoming peaceful. You should make it a daily routine as it is a benefit in cultivating willpower.

Build Good Habits

I do not need to tell you the impact that stress has on your body. But perhaps you do not know that stress sharply depletes inner strength and determination. When you are stressed, you tend to get back to your old habits, no matter what they are. And it is often an unconscious choice.

Use anything that counters the way you feel. You can begin by listening to a soothing melody, visualizing peaceful places or whatever works for you. You could watch a comedy film which induces a better mood and gets positive effects.

Be Yourself

One thing that will deplete willpower, as well as determination, is to act, behave or even try to be someone else rather than be your natural self. People who use this type of restraint to please or be accepted by others are usually more tired at the end of the day.

But those who hold true to their internal objectives and desires have more self-will. When it comes to willpower and resolution, people who try to please others often find themselves disadvantaged. So be a person who is secure and comfortable with oneself.


There are lots of people that throw the towel and give up because they feel overwhelmed by the size of the goal they have to achieve and not by lack of willpower. The best way to fix this is to break your objective down into smaller steps, and just put them, so that it assures realization.

The beauty of this plan is that it will also provide you with an endless state of willpower. As you attain each step, you will feel a great sense of pride and gratification, making you more than ready to accomplish the next stride.

Tips to Boost Your Willpower and Determination

  • Do a little more than usual.
  • Be committed to accomplishing whatever you put out to do.
  • Respect your decisions.
  • Do it now if you decide to do something.
  • Forge the steel of your willpower and determination by not procrastinating or changing your mind.
  • Add a little more to whatever you are doing each day such as reading one more page or walking a couple more minutes.
  • Persist until you arrive to reach your goal.
  • Finish a difficult task, and you will be able to do so again, with fewer difficulties.
  • Act in spite of procrastination or laziness.
  • Seek to surround yourself with people who are determined, active and motivating.
  • Start over and again, despite failure and no matter how many times you fail.

Your purpose here is to boost and improve your inner power, and not to make it difficult for you. As you strengthen these two qualities, they create and help you change or develop better habits, give you more control over your life, and are indispensable for your personal growth and for achieving your desires.

To conclude, you need to make a deliberate choice to have willpower and determination. The more you reinforce these behaviors, the more likely they will rescue you when difficulty comes along. Failure is not a sign to quit, but a sign to begin again. So begin and boost yourself with willpower and determination to accomplish your goals!


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